Costumes - main concept problem

You probably name it a feature / basic functionality, but it is that annoying, that I suggest it to be treated as a bug.

When you change costume of a hero, it is changed in all teams it is part of. There are 2 main problems raising:

  1. You have to be very careful on changing the hero. If it takes part in any of your important team (defense, upcoming war, etc). You have to keep it in mind and change it back, after use. If you forget it (most probably), you might end very surprised.
  2. If it is part of ongoing war/tournament team, you cant change it at all. Thus if you build a collection of different costumes for a single hero, you can forget about using them for a 4-5 days a week, if the hero is in war or tournament.

From my point of view, it kills the basic idea. Take a costume, that suites best your current need. We will end up just collecting them for bonuses.

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I like his alter ego better so it’s not an issue with bane but I can understand the frustration with some other heroes.
Looking at the patch notes maybe the new update will help with this matter.

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There is a new release SG is rolling out that deals with some (not all) of this. You can find the details here:


Fresh off the press!!

Now have an extra confirmation if you are changing the costume & is on a team etc…

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hmmm, could it be that the labels of the button are switched? Mine says equipped, when the hero is the previous version and equip, when the costume is in place…?

@Petri @zephyr1

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@LadySuzanne could you please tell us, how it deals with any of the 2 problems posted above?

I had problems with Bane. When I tried to level up I had to switch back because you can not upgrade if you are wearing the costume and with out it you have not passed the level with the costume. Crazy to me since it seemed as though the where created to help. Maybe I just have not figured it out yet.

They’re adding a reminder notification. As I said - only partly to do with the issues pointed out. It’s a start at least.

I appreciate your effort Suzanne, however there is no reminder notification mentioned in the last release. Even, if there were, it would be wrong direction to start with.

@koco I’m not arguing your suggestion is bad. It seems as though you think I am. I was merely giving you and anyone else here information.

I built my entire Hawkmoon costume to the max, but I couldn’t wear it as she was already in a tournament.
Once the tournament had finished I could equip it. Same with my Tyrum costume.
My Li Xiu costume @70, but skill is 7. No problem though as 5×2* Yellow, or 10×1* Yellow =100% chance of skill upgrade. So done by tomorrow (=

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