I have 2 hero’s that I can’t get out of costume and 2 that will not stay in costume. They are not on any teams or in any defences.

Am I missing something.

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Can you post some screenshots of the heroes in question so we can have a more educated guess at the problem?

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Now I go into my hero’s and I see this

I must have reverted Caedom out of costume 10 times…it always reverts back. I’ve unlocked relocked… closed app…still in costume.

So just to be crystal clear

Caedmon is in costume

You tap the selection arrow

He appears in his standard form and you tap EQUIP

You then close the card

And in your roster he is still in costume?

Also, are any of the costume heroes in your current war or tournament defence?


Yes. When I select from roster he is still in costume.

Nope not on any teams. I checked.

Hmm ok, I’m pretty much out of ideas and it will need a support ticket.

Can you do me a screenshot of standard Caedmon with the yellow ‘equipped’ button below like this:

Then it will probably need a support ticket in game, I’m afraid.


Thank you for your assistance.

Are you definitely tapping that ‘equip’ button?

It’s still showing as blue under your Caedmon, not yellow ‘equipped’.


Yes. Arrow left no costume arrow right with costume.

Not the arrow, you have to tap the word EQUIP and it turns yellow

Screenshot_20210224-145931~2 Screenshot_20210224-145901~2


I tried that. Several times. He won’t come out of custom in the roster

If the hero is in your war or tournament defense team you can’t change and use his costume / non costume version.
Sorry next time I’ll reed the whole thread.

These hero’s are not on any teams… Check screen shots above. I rarely if ever do tournaments.

Maybe this can help you…

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