Costumes Giving Extra Strength to Heroes After a Tournament Start

I just leveled up a heroes costume that is in my raid tournament. I only got the costume this week during the costume chamber quest so I had not had it when I set my defense. Specifically, it is boldtusk.

So, I ascended the costume to tier 2 and my hero in the tournament got a boost. I did the same to tier 3 and it happened again. It appears the costume bonus gets added if the changes occur post the tournament start. I’m thinking this may be a bug.

I leveled troops last tournament and they did not get a boost. So it appears odd that the game would let one thing happen but not the other.

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Maybe I should just shut up and enjoy my bonus.

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Costume gives stats bonus even if it is not applied. In the same way as if you fielded an unascended hero and maxed it after that.


I level heroes all the time after tournament starts, and they count. Not sure why costume bonus wouldn’t.

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Troops, costumes and heroes could be leveled after the tourney started and all those boosts will immediately boost your defensive lineup.

You just can’t dress and/or undress heroes, that are actively on def right now, neither during wars nor tournaments.

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