Costumes for 3* and 4* heroes in academy

Could you consider ability to have a chanse to catch costume for 3* and 4* heroes in academy of heroes?

If we end up having the ability of retraining 3* and 4* heroes, I’d HOPE they don’t forget to include the costume chance if the hero has one… even though so far, excluding S1 heroes, Frank is currently the only non-5* to have a costume.


I’m talking about S1 heroes’ costumes. In hero academy we can create 4* heroes, but we don’t have a chanse to get a costume for them.

And if they rework the Academy to allow for retraining, I odubt you can “train” for a costume then either. Your only option for getting the 3* and 4* costumes rn is through Costume Chamber only.

True, but does Frank also appear in the costume chamber?

There’s no current ability to retrain heroes, so the only heroes you’re getting from training EPIC heroes is S1 epic heroes. Think TC13 or TC20, but only 4* heroes instead of a 5% chance of TC13 or the… 30% chance at TC20.

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