Costumes DECREASE stats when fully maxed!

I have just finished my first costume (hawkmoon) and comparing her stats side-by-side shows that her attack stats have DECREASED! I have fully ascended her and her specials and all it gave me was 1 extra point on her score (467 became 468) plus a drop from 497 attack to 492 attack… how can you justify all these continual glitches in this game? After over 2 years and $$$ spent this game has just been getting worse and worse…

Costumes aren’t about increasing the heroes Power score. They’re about making the hero more useful. You’re only looking at one thing. Consider these changes:


  1. Attack lowered from 497 to 492. Keep in mind that Hawks main purpose is a healer and not a hitter.


  1. Defense increased from 468 to 472. This will make her harder to kill.
  2. HP increased from 700 to 707. This will also make her harder to kill.
  3. Added +30% attack to all allies for 3 turns. This isn’t there in the base hero and is a huge adjustment.
  4. Gives permanent stat boost to base hero even when costume is not active.

Other changes:

  1. Changed from an immediate heal to a HOT hero.

You need to look at the hero as a whole and not focus on one aspect. These are good changes and definitely not a bug.


2 years is a lot of time for that kind of oversight…


I’m sorry… (not really)

But are we really arguing over a loss of 5 attack?

The NET GAIN… (ready for this?) is +6


It’s an improvement.

And suddenly she boosts EVERYONE’S attack!?

So, after she casts, she hits effectively at 639.6 tile damage?

Before, she cast and … hit at 497.

Please look at things before you post them.

I really try not to be nasty, but anger over a -5 attack +6 net gain on stats… no.
Summon odds? yes.

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Lets not jump to conclusions.

This is hawkmoons normal card without a costume bonus :


The costume increased the power of your hawkmoon without the costume. The hawkmoon with a costume is more powerful on all fronts than the original without a costume.

Nothing wrong here at all. the costume made your hawkmoon better.


I didn’t even go there. You are right, but I didn’t even bother.
It was way easier to point out the wrong in the OP than to drag up other facts that were completely overlooked by this “two year veteran”

First, @Rigs lmao. Second, I personally never felt that motivated to even level Hawkmoon since I had a fully leveled Belith by the time I got her…until I got her costume. She’s now one of my most valued 3*s.

FYI, Tiburtis “The Duke of Rock” absolutely killed it in the Paladin/Monk trials. Cleared all three and never had to use even one battle item.


I like the tibs costume, especially with a lvl 11 mana troop and emblems. 9 tile defense dropper of all trumps kunch and isarnia in that area plus he does damage unlike wilbur and doesnt “buff” the defense

That and he’s purple which is a plus for any hero

I have hawkmoon and do use her in red mono(3* tourneys i go mono cause honestly I’m lazy and just wanna get em over with). I dont have her costume though. Think the 2 3* costumes that i see to be most useful and most impressive are probly gunner and brienne, which i do have gunner. They’ll both be good for events.


And he just looks bad@$$!


My 3* defense is now Tyrum, Brienne, Gunner, Hawkmoon, and Bane. All maxed and in costume. Well, unless blue or green is restricted. Then it’s just 5 Namahges or 5 Gatos.


Idk what my 3* defense is. I dont even think i set one. I just use my flags each day to fill chests.

And not only that, but for 3* level heroes, the amount of the heal has the potential to be larger. 32% of the average 3* hero (with troops and emblems) is what, 300? The HOT will surpass that by the second turn, and dispels are not that common (especially not for PVE) at the 3* level.


I think the big thing you’re overlooking here is that you are basing this argument on the fact that the costumed version has slightly different stats than the non costumed version that has the costume buff. As others have pointed out, no costume Hawkmoon has stats of A:474. D:446, H:637, which is significantly worse than what you have. Agreeing with others, not a bug, just poor recognition of changes.

Was tring to understand the costume discussion … hawkmoon costume says it has certain increases 5 % … 10 % etc … but stats are not reflective of this …

Does it have to do with the talent grid ? It states the talents are the same for both …

Without costume for reference …

On the healing portion, I’m confused. How many HP back for 32% vs 455 over 3 turns. Is that an improvement, step-down or no change? If ur hero is in the red, which give back more life?

Depends on that heroes total life.

If a hero has 1000 life they will heal 320 life from the 32% heal. If they have 2000 they will heal 640… So a hero with more than 1422 health will heal more than 455 health. Generally speaking at the 3 star level the 455 ove r3 turns heals more. The flipside ofcourse is that the 32% is immediate. The 455 takes time.

Considering total HP, it’s an improvement for sure. Some heroes get more than 50% HP in three turns. But in a rush attack scenario, it’s possible that immediate 32% healing is better, due to the very fast mana setup.

Here is the original with no costume bonus and then both with the bonus and no emblems. They both use the same talent path with emblems but the talents are different based on the class. In your case you can see if you click on the grid for each one, one has more defense nodes and the other more life nodes.

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