Costumes and heroes – give people missing Heroes to match Costumes Summoned in November 2019 before the Costume Hiatus

When you pulled the first month were you aware there was a chance you would get costumes for heroes you dont aleeady have?

Alternate title: β€œMy Mega-Millions lottery ticket numbers that I bought last month came up this month in the Powerball drawing. Powerball should pay me”


To those who have a costume but not the hero, what was your plan in November for getting the corresponding hero?

Pray for tc20 to deem me worthy of Lianna after having run at least one nonstop for well over a year and a half. Am currently running 3.
I’ll also settle for my first Marj.

This thread is smaller than I thought it would be not sure if that’s good or bad lol. No one was duped they just made a better version of an idea and did a pretty good job with it.

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