Costumes and heroes – give people missing Heroes to match Costumes Summoned in November 2019 before the Costume Hiatus

So I like that you added getting hero with the costume, but what about those of us who pulled multiple costumes the first release? I feel like I am missing 4 heroes.

This was requested a lot before this update, but the Small Giant Staff ultimately decided against it.

I’m a bit skeptical that they’d change their minds at this point, but it doesn’t hurt to have this thread to again, I suppose.


I agree! I was just coming on here to ask about the same thing. People with costumes from the first event who dont have the hero for that costume should receive that hero retroactively. It’s only fair. So many people have unusable costumes.


why is it fair? you had a higher chance of 5* hero costume and at a cheaper price (if you used gems).

the odds of getting a 5* costume now is 1/3 of what it used to be

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How is it not? A product was released that was not ready. People who invested in it didn’t get what the full product should have been. Paying people what they deserve isn’t the right thing to do? There are consequences to not doing things right the first time - giving people what you owe them is part of that.


They changed it because people complained and/or didn’t spend enough. If you pulled during the first release, then you got what was advertised.

For example, Apple releases the Iphone, a bunch of people go and buy the Iphone. Next year they release another Iphone with new features, guess what? The people who brought the stuff first are not going to get new stuff.

While, I am sure it terrible to not have a hero that you have a costume for, it doesn’t mean it is now fair for you to get a hero. Here is “fair” for you, let SG take back the costume and give you a free spin.


Well that’s not true. You got exactly what the product was at the time. It was a random draw for costumes. It wasn’t miss advertised in any way at all.

It just wasn’t a very good product so they went back to the drawing board and changed it. It’s not the same product now, it’s a new one.

And I did 10 summons first time and got nothing but 3* ones which was exactly as advertised. I can’t cry about not getting costumes I wanted.

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I don’t think comparing the iPhone to this game is a good comparison. Even if the hardware changes and refreshed, every iPhone gets software updates that enhance the performance and security of the device.

People cry a lot about things in this game. I have definitely done my share of complaining, but I dont go posting or responding to posts about it. In the end, it’s all a game of luck and chance… perfect for the gambler in us all.

This though, this one is a bit different. Not about complaining about not getting something better or not getting what was advertised. More about not getting what is deserved. Who wants a costume that’s unusable because it wasn’t done correctly originally? It doesn’t make sense to me.

At the very least, change the ratio so people pull something besides Hawkmoon, Babe or Gunnar 95% of the time. Not going to spend money on THAT!

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Is there any real difference between getting a costume that you didn’t have a hero for vs getting another dup 3*? Nope, it both cases you are disappointed and mad. In both cases you have something basically useless.

Just be happy you got a costume that you can use in the future when you pull it from tc 20.

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Yeah, we have a player @ZerglingRush that pulled the Lianna costume and has never gotten her hero card back in November. It would be a sign of good faith by SG to at least give those players the card to match their costume pulls.


I think a lot of people would be good with trading in the original costumes for another spin. I know I would. Only one who likely wouldn’t are those who drew 5star costumes.

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Your comparisons are way off and also make no sense, 1. 2, I’m actually not in this boat, so no need to learn me lessons about gratitude. I had heroes for the costumes I got in November AND I pulled Lianna today. So, I’m satisfied - very satisfied.

However, members of my team who struggle do have costumes for heroes that aren’t in their rosters. It would be nice to see them succeed and feel valued by SG by getting what is owed them.

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I would be satisfied with the inclusion of the previous runs in the costumes chest.

Sg doesnt “owe” them anything. They took a chance based on the advertised product. Chances are they used the free keys. If they didnt like what the product was at the time they shouldn’t have used the keys/paid gems for it. They either thought it was a fair deal for the gems in question or a fair deal for getting something for nothing

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I definitely respect that pov and based on that makes more sense. Saying people are “owed” is a bit much. But still seems a little disingenuous to me to not do something for those people. Even if it is an extra try at the portal

The thing is, there are a lot of us that have costumes, that can’t be used… I’m not expecting a 5* hero to go with it, but at least give me a suit for one of the 5* heroes I already own… and so I can use it. I mean, it could be an option if you’re not willing to match the costume with the hero…

i got the costume for vivica but didnt have the hero, and now the heroes comes with the costumes. I would be happy if you would give the heroes to people who got the costumes before the costume update

lolwut, that’s like saying “you don’t want to give me 100 dollars? Then give me 200 dollars instead.”

heroes can be pulled via TC20. Costumes can’t. costumes are more valuable.

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wdym, now the heroes comes with the costumes you pull and didnt before

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