🔱 Costumed Wilbur – 4* Fire / Red Costume from Season 2

My answer is none. Heroes like Sergei or c Wilbur are not so good on offense in war/raid.
Also, share dmg on defense is not so good as it is as easy to counter

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Thanks for the answer. The feedback seems to be that he is not so useful for wars, in which case, I made a mistake limit breaking him :slight_smile: (My priority in the game is war, so I invest the in-game resources with this in mind). But who knows, I will experiment with him a bit more and see what happens

This becomes a function of your other options. He MAY be your best option at some point depending on your bench and the opponent.

No need to regret, just a 4* so the materials will accumulate relatively quickly again.

Wrong Information Here

With C-Wilbur’s buff, the AoE hitters hit hard and the big snipers kill.

I occasionally bring him to war and that is with a bench of ~50 maxed 5* and who only knows how many 4*.

He is best on titans. He can serve elsewhere.

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Thanks, I will try him out. :slight_smile: Unfortunately I am in constant need of small (3*) aethers, this is why I regret spending them on him now. Plus, as far as I understood, the buff from C Wilbur does not affect special skills (it mentions normal attack), which means that I will have to focus on tile damage.


Actually he doesn´t boost skill damage, only tile damage. The Costume version is useless for wars. It´s mainly a titan hero. I have also used it on events when skill damage was hampered somehow.

Regular version could be used with the defdown and simultaneous def up/spirit link on the own team, might work better with a dispeller that takes the enemy spirit link away again.


Sorry folks, as was correctly pointed out by @Gargon and @The_Seeker Costume Wilbur does not buff damage by specials, only tiles.

That shows that the tiles were doing more damage than I thought, C-Wilbur bumps damage up enough that even middling AoEs can finish which I why I assumed they must be boosted because they usually just tickle.

(Have edited my post above to show that what I wrote was wrong)