🔱 Costumed Wilbur – 4* Fire / Red Costume from Season 2

My answer is none. Heroes like Sergei or c Wilbur are not so good on offense in war/raid.
Also, share dmg on defense is not so good as it is as easy to counter

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Thanks for the answer. The feedback seems to be that he is not so useful for wars, in which case, I made a mistake limit breaking him :slight_smile: (My priority in the game is war, so I invest the in-game resources with this in mind). But who knows, I will experiment with him a bit more and see what happens

This becomes a function of your other options. He MAY be your best option at some point depending on your bench and the opponent.

No need to regret, just a 4* so the materials will accumulate relatively quickly again.

Wrong Information Here

With C-Wilbur’s buff, the AoE hitters hit hard and the big snipers kill.

I occasionally bring him to war and that is with a bench of ~50 maxed 5* and who only knows how many 4*.

He is best on titans. He can serve elsewhere.

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Thanks, I will try him out. :slight_smile: Unfortunately I am in constant need of small (3*) aethers, this is why I regret spending them on him now. Plus, as far as I understood, the buff from C Wilbur does not affect special skills (it mentions normal attack), which means that I will have to focus on tile damage.


Actually he doesn´t boost skill damage, only tile damage. The Costume version is useless for wars. It´s mainly a titan hero. I have also used it on events when skill damage was hampered somehow.

Regular version could be used with the defdown and simultaneous def up/spirit link on the own team, might work better with a dispeller that takes the enemy spirit link away again.


Sorry folks, as was correctly pointed out by @Gargon and @The_Seeker Costume Wilbur does not buff damage by specials, only tiles.

That shows that the tiles were doing more damage than I thought, C-Wilbur bumps damage up enough that even middling AoEs can finish which I why I assumed they must be boosted because they usually just tickle.

(Have edited my post above to show that what I wrote was wrong)


Recently got cWilbur. Is there any reason to run him costumed over regular if I have Tarlak, Bertulf, or Sergei (except maybe for green titans)? I have all three mentioned above and I do not think I need to emblem my Wilbur prioritising costume, that’d be redundant, wouldn’t it?

In events if you go with red mono on Epic / Legendary, then leveling him would might be useful as having a red damage increaser would increase the base tile damage of fire tiles compared to if you need to use another element for the same.
So it is might be easier and faster to complete stages there.

I would level him for sure if I would get him.

And beside what I mentioned above having more options is always better, and leveling a costume is cheaper than a normal hero.

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He is the one I use over all the others, cheaper to upgrade than Tarlak, better survivability than Bertulf and faster than Sergei. Apart from the obvious color difference.
But if you already have Tarlak maxed and emblemed Cwilbur would be less crucial, the two have very similar specials.