🔱 Costumed Wilbur – 4* Fire / Red Costume from Season 2

Guys need help with some maths, for Yellow Red and blu titans is better wu Kong or c wilbur ??

Costume Wilbur is better. Since the hits won’t miss like Wu Kong


I don’t have the math for it, but I think the math would show that Wu Kong will give a higher theorhetical average damage per attack (except against rare yellow, of course).

However, there are (at least) two factors against him which can/will prevent you from getting the theorhetical max damage -

  1. Misses on weak spot. A dead hero cannot contribute their special (def down, ele def down, att up, etc.) to the team, nor can they receive the buffs to increase their damage. On average, sending 3 tiles into the weak spot with Wu’s buff will result in one miss.

  2. Misses on specials. Wu increases the damage done by specials, too, which leads to much higher special attacks than normal, but they can miss also. Missing a defense down will almost certainly drop your score by more than the increase in special skill damage. It can also cause you to miss a dispel on the red Tiger rare’s counterattack.

So while math may show that Wu is theorhetically superior, in practice C Wilbur will be better.


I wish I had 2 Wilbur’s for challenge events but I am as happy to at least have one with costume

Perfect, thank you for your time


Wilburs special says up to 140% atk, mikis special says up to 170% atk, if both cast at the same time, how much is the atk up? Or what is necessary to get up to 170% atk?

both will overwrite each other as they have the same icon. Their stacking affect applies to attack buffs like Titan banners

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So there’s no benefit if both are in the same team?

Normal attack buff from c Wilbur would stack with att buff from Tethys, for example. So, on blue it would be 140% and on other colors 130%

Which emblem path should i choose for the costume version shield/health or sword/shield ?

no benefit from the standpoint of attack buff

well if you plan on using him on titans exclusively I would guess Attack, if you use items to keep your heroes alive. If you plan on using him for other things as well, you might prefer Def/HP.

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In the meantime, i got my Wilbur during the 10 pull of a lifetime along with Tethys and Misandra

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so is it worth limit breaking Wilbur? Or just keep him at +20 with no LB

Mine is Limit Broke, did not hesitate. I use him for all Titan’s and against 14* ones he is more survivable LB’d of course.

i LB him as well and no regrets

I see that most people are focused on his use for titan and rightfully so. But for wars (high level), is the initial version better or the costume? My guts go with the initial version, but I want to hear also other opinions.

And yeah, I know that for high level wars it’s better to go with 5* only, but I am trying to find different possiblities :slight_smile:

Well I use mostly 4 star heroes for war, but Wilbur is not one of them. I am still trying to find a good team for him. The problem is the spirit link for the enemy. The def down is nice, but because they share damage it´s still hard to kill them, If you have really big hitters, especially hit-alls that isn´t a problem though.


I love it, I stack: Bould, Wilbur, Guardian Falcon, Mitsuko and C Aslan, when I get 11 red stones, I completely eliminate any team, as long as they haven’t carried any provocateurs and dodge.

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I personally use C-Wilbur IF I use him in war. The attack up and HoT help me survive and kill with my AoEs, I have had bad experiences using regular Wilbur and the spirit link meaning the enemies died too slowly/weakest didn’t die and my opponent was able to kill me.

Those were the days before the mega AoEs to work with, Zimkitha was it for me back then. Never looked back at regular Wilbur, I like the heal too much and the attack buff makes most hits deadly with no misses like Wu.