Costumed Vivica (Toon Costume) - 5* Holy / Yellow from Season 1

The toon version… Caca is in Germany todler speach for „poop“.

Happy gaming :innocent:


Yeah you want to level all three for the full bonus.

I just finished mine:


Fired Li Xiu 5x and just 1 time the silence work. 3 reflects and 1 resist. Limit broken 2x, Very boring to take her down.

Yeah yellow against yellow is quite boring lol

Yep, but in general the Tank is Dark (like in this fight), so we don’t have more choices some times

Yes I get that :+1:t2:

I’ve recently begun attacking in rainbow, loving it right now

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Is vivica tankworthy after update today? Have her lb1


Has anyone tried her against Luna? I haven’t maxed mine yet slowly working on it. But seems like she’ll have a very high change to avoid the mana reduction, with the passive and the superior cleric class bonus.

After update do you guys think that toon version is better than C2?

C2 is better (1) if you need overheal, and (2) if you pair with Erlang Shen (O.P. combo!). Haven’t experimented with C3 much, but I suspect she’s better for normal use.

I got her but I’m not sure what costume should I focus on. I’m thinking mostly to use her on raids and also on raid defence. Also with this massive health maybe she could work as a tank.
*I’ve done fighter costume talent grid to 20 but now feel after the buff, maybe I should reset it and focus on toon costume.

I think you are likely to use fighter or toon depending on what you are doing.

I emblemed for the toon but use fighter more. Not sure I would reset if I were you.

Thank you for the answer! I’m just thinking of the 2% mana that is lost on toon costume. In wars and raid tournaments/league it looks as toon costume will be great in def. team.

Her hero card is updated the 2023 November balance updates.

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