Costumed Vivica (Secondary Costume) - 5* Holy / Yellow from Season 1

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One of the unexpected treats of the double costume is the increased custom bonuses

+15% to Attack and Defense
+20% to Health


Well well, look what the cat dragged in


If you have many costumes handy it is done very quickly on a previously leveled original.
People do this on new heroes. Doing it on a costume is fairly easy compared


Had planned to save all my keys till next time, but just like @Cheds could not wait and used some.
Pulled Vivica. Had only the original from before, so she was quite a bit behind in the queue.
Now however…

I got Director Zuri from SE (should have gone for Theobald :upside_down_face:)

Whom to prioritize? Director Zuri or C2 Vivica?

I have Zekena for titans, so its more healer vs healer.
Vivica’s stats are amazing, and overheal is nice, but DZ is average and with a heavy heal + minion


I just got costume Sif and pulled several vivica out of this portal. I have Sif waiting for aether but am now torn as I’ve already got vivicas first costume at +18 so it was easy to quickly level her 2nd. I still think Sif works better defensively but those stats on the double costume bonus are crazy. Good problem to have I suppose. I’ll flip a coin for who gets the aether I guess.

I got her today. Since I didn’t have either costume, a double boon. I will be maxing the costumes after I finish Ranvir from Soul Exchange.

I was torn between Quenell & DirZur in the latest SE & chose Quenell cuz I have Lud & Wolfie & a lot of asc. mats, emblems & aethers. So I’m stoked to get Vivs 2nd costume. Yes, I’ll have to start from scratch but I would’ve had to do the same with Zur. Yes, Zur is average speed but with the cos. bonus + mana troop she’ll charge slightly quicker & her beefy stats mean she’ll outlast most. Plus it’s not been mentioned about the talent class change. Fighter for a healer is awesome. Many times I’ve finished off a healer who’s revived themselves with full mana & healed themselves & everyone & the battle continues !!


I cant wait to fight her. I pullee her today and while I kind of wanted Elkanen, I’ll happily use her :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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With the 5% mana speed, what mana/magic troop needed for maximum tile shave ?

Underwhelming. Only worth it for the 2nd Costume Bonus IMO

And many times the Cleric healer fires before the Fighter dies because they blocked a Mana ailment. The Fighter scenario is just more visually obvious

Costumes require significantly less Aether.

Yes, I still have to LB their original forms as well

My Vivica C :+1:


may i see your C vivica talent path?? Thanks

If Khufu is Yin,
Vivica 2C is Yang

What is the costume bonus for both costumes maxed ? Particularly the mana bonus?

True. I think it’s more shocking to me when a brand new non-costume 5* drops and within a few hours there are test drive videos with it fully levelled, limit broken, and emblemed.

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