📯 Costumed Thor – New Season 3 Costume – 5* Holy/ Yellow: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

When I see Thor, I tell him ‘’ I AM YOUR FATHER ‘’ :smiley:

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Odin gasps at the news

Show Odin this link : Introducing THOR - GOD OF THUNDER
which was then transferred here : Create/Design Your Own Hero – Player Hero Ideas [MASTER] - #465 by Oliz

Odin has no power over me, foolish mortal :stuck_out_tongue:


Jequn is so much better than Thor.

Why do you feel that way?

It’s a no-brainer…

Higher stats
Higher damage
Better debuffs
Better Passive
Better family bonus

I honestly don’t know why you even compare Jequn to costume Thor.

Why Thor stinks:

6 tiles you have to cast once. The 1st time you cast, whether offense or defense, does so little damage and blind.

Essentially, Thor is a VERY SLOW character. You have to get 12 tiles to get to lvl 2! And, unlike Ninja you must use the skill! So if there are cascades on the board, the extra yellow tiles are wasted. Thor sometimes are even slower than very slow LOL.


Gotta agree with Noxy. Jequn is just straight up better.

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Okay so to do this analysis fair, lets really compare :

THOR SCORE : 1+1+1

Stats with LB = 991 to 985 // +1 for Jequn on paper // but lets not forget, when all bonuses are counted at the start of EVERY battle, Thor costume adds +5 on Attack +5% on def and +10% on HP (even if we only count troop bonuses) // so it is actually TIED but in favour of Thor if you do math
Versatility in positions = Thor // Jequn cant really tank with 718 defense (Thor has more than 50 def over him + paladin talent) // +1 for Thor
Speed : Thor beats Jequn by 5% mana speed difference = +1 for Thor
Higher dmg : REALLY? Jequn wins on first charge for measly 15% then Thor beats him handily for 60% difference and 90% spell dmg difference on second and third charge. // + 1 for Thor
Better debuffs : Okay, I give this to Jequn, even though he cant really control what type of ailment he does… Thor debuff is stronger on 2nd and 3rd charge // +1 to Jequn
BETTER PASSIVE : Agreed, +1 for Jequn
BETTER FAMILY BONUS : Agreed +1 for Jequn

Your argument that Thor is a very slow charachter is invalid… Jequn is also limited by very fast speed, but Thor can upgrade himself two times, while Jequn stays same 200% dmg troughout game…So that argument is very much in favour of Thor :slight_smile:

End result is, Thor wins by small margin in my opinion :slight_smile:

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You cant just give Thor the win on attack based on his harder hits on 2nd and 3rd charge. There is 0 guarantee that he will get either. You could die prior to 2nd charge or tiles dry up (unlikely but still a possibility)

Well if fastest hero cant get to two charges, who else will? :slight_smile:

Btw, what about 2nd charge on offense? :wink:

You forgot the most important factor when analyzing a hero…statistics.

If you want to improve your war score or raids against top defenders, you gotta understand statistics.

By the time ur Thor cast twice, you lost the match. Keep in mind you HAVE to cast his special in order for tiles to count again! That’s the worst handicap I’ve ever seen. Might as well bring wukong or avg speed heavy hitter.

Btw, a fast speed team that can guarantee kill > very fast team that doesn’t cast together or can’t kill the opponent. Offensive teams are at a disadvantage the whole match because defense heroes have higher att and defense and faster mana gen. Ever wonder why the same hero hits you so much harder when you’re fighting against? The only time the offensive player gain the upper hand is when ur mana is full or when an opponent dies so you can throw empty tiles. Think about that.

You are bringing same invalid argument about Thor’s speed mechanic when Jequn is the same… (Thor is only faster) Saying it again, Thor can power up with SAME charge mechanic whereas Jequn stays Lvl 1… that is not ailment that is a strenght of a hero!

Jequn also doesnt do anything with tiles who overcharge his special…

Also we all know charge heroes who can go to lvl 2 and lvl 3 without casting are worse for defense than very fast heroes…

I think the ink in this argument is dry… Wish you well and thanks for your side of view :wink:

Lol what’s the point of asking others for guidance if you don’t listen? Why would I give you a wrong suggestion? Go lvl Thor and see ur war score suffer. Go for it.

The way you structured your last post gives me a feeling, that you dont recall my initial post to you correctly.

Happens even to the best! :slight_smile:

You probably already lvled Thor hence why you are defending him. Thor will not easily pair with any hero due to his mechanic. So he’ll be in the bench very soon.

Well of course I got him. The s3 costume I was least excited about and just about the only original s3 I don’t have. Not even featured…


I pulled c.Thor today. I already had one from Fated Summon, still not leveled even a bit. If I would level both to 4.80 and give some emblems with sword path on the costume would then there be any good use with attack formation Guardian Jackal, 2x c.Thor and two random sidekicks? I feel that there could be a chance for eliminating the tank with just 6 tiles, at least the dark tank, and if the tank doesn’t get to use its special attack. After that it gets interesting how the board plays.

Pulled him on the $5 deal, so pretty happy with that stroke of luck.

Reading through this thread, one of the biggest knocks against the costume in comparison to other, newer (at that time) heroes was that his stats just weren’t good enough. For those who have him, did the buff to costume bonus stats help alleviate that issue?

How’s this hero holding-up in 2024 - is he still useful?

He is faster than light, a really helpful and fun character to play with. His stats after the mask buff are pretty good and he usually fires up 3 to 6 times in one battle… his miss can save you at many times, overall I still consider him my best yellow hitter ( I also have Horus and now got Chrisrine Daee, havent maxed her yet but I just know I won’t get to have more fun with her than what I m having with his hit all miss)

A solid option for every roster!


In paper this is true, In practice there are so many times that he charges 6 or even more times during a battle that you just can’t consider him a useless hero.

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