📯 Costumed Thor – New Season 3 Costume – 5* Holy/ Yellow: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Since none yet did post his full body picture, Ill take the honours :slight_smile:


Gave up, got 2x Skadi’s which totals 6 altogether and 1x Alfrike who’s number 3 already, at least at some point I may level her, unlike all the Skadi’s. The game is toying with me! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Did just over 100 pulls….

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Well, congrats?

You beat pull ods significantly and Skadi with costume is strong.

Did you cahse Thor, that you were unsatisfied?


Yeah, I was hoping to get him. Have two Thor’s at +20. Already have c. Skadi and two Alfrike leveled.

It’s just annoying that I summoned 2 Skadi’s and no Thor when clearly got in the 1% twice and at .06% once.

Will probably level the 3rd Alfrike at some point, she’s useful.

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Ye now I understand you :slight_smile:
Only got dupes basically…

My dupe relationship is with Norns (around 5) and Fenrirs (4)…


Only hero I’ve chased and got was c Gefjon on first coin pull

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Eww sorry about all those Skadis. I also have 6 uncostumed Skadis but for me Tyr is the worst by a margin (7).

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Yeah not a desire costume compare to all the new broken heroes

Costume Thor is better than Jequn who is top hero :slight_smile:

Jequn does have a bit more utility over Thor

The costume would need a slight increase in direct damage

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You serious? :stuck_out_tongue:

You understand he does 200%+ increasing dmg at very fast speed? :slight_smile:

He also makes enemies miss with all effects at fastest way possible (slash attacks, specials, ailments etc,…)

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Ajajaja I know! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Thor C he is definitely a hero I love and he is very strong, absolutely. :blush:
I am not hoping for a net increase in power, but compare it with the new heroes and the next ones to come, a slight balance to the direct damage would bring it more in line with future events.
Or simply last a little longer in the deck, instead of being benched in 1 month. (In extremis :stuck_out_tongue: )

Which one are stronger than him in dmg dealt and very fast?

You mean new ninjas before release?
Hopefully their numbers are turned down and secondly, they have charge effects, so their potential to do bigger dmg is more relevant only for offense not defense :wink:

How is 100% more damage troop hero Jequn worst than costume thor?

I think adding a bit more power or more blind would be on par with new hero. Thor costume is very weak to counter. I think adding ability to bypass counter would make him very good. Small gaint seem to like loki alot more than his brother Thor.

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Beacuse read charge 2 and 3 of Thor. That is significant difference in special dmg power and strenght of utility.

Jequn is better only on first charge

You seem to frame him as one of the best holy heroes in the game, but I don’t think he is on the same level as Horus, Jequn or Jove.
He is definitely a very good hero, a very strong one. But I don’t think top 3 :thinking:

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Thor beats Horus handily…

Top 5 offensive yellows dmg dealers in my opinion are :

  1. Jove
  2. Anne (C.Thor is a solid strategy vs Anne, since he is faster and the first time she misses, her canon stops shooting)
  3. C. Thor
  4. Jequn
  5. Hachiko (for crit and counter attack)

Horus doesnt even crack top 5 but is a good hero :slight_smile:

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You and Thor need to get a room together, just that he needs to keep his costume on :stuck_out_tongue:


Ahah Thor without costume I would not disdain him :rocket: :rofl:

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