📯 Costumed Thor – New Season 3 Costume – 5* Holy/ Yellow: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

But they don’t get any more money that way duh

Cant be serious. They released only ONE new costume this month.

I’ll be 602 years old when they finish s2 s3 costumes.

Greedy crazy mofos.

Where are almur and the useless health redution dark chick costumes? Facepalm.


Here’s what I think!


Yet another kick in the nads seeing as this is how he should’ve been in the 1st place even tho the betas told the devs & EVERYONE & their granny have called for a buff to the OG Thor but we know their ulterior motives don’t we. Why buff a hero when we can costume them & make even more £ !!! Said from upon high looking down at the worker ants !!!


Yeah, they fixed him but u have to pay for the privilege. So he’s not really fixed as it’s like another hero who u have to pay for. He’d be fixed if it was a buff to the OG Thor but as far as I’m concerned this isn’t a fix, it’s another revenue creating method that’s getting out of hand. Keep fobbing off & stalling regarding buffs & eventually release a costume instead. Every now & then put out a press release saying we want input for much needed buffs to heroes you can choose !!! So funny cuz a lot believe them !!!


I tried for him about 100 pulls… saved tokens and some gems…not one single solitary 5* not even the HotM…lol…Valhalla has never been kind to me…
Congratulations to those lucky ones and good luck everyone who pulls!!!


Exactly. This hero sounds good on paper but in reality, you don’t get that many tiles during war.

Or if you do it’s in one cascade, wasting all those yellow tiles on the current special. This special doesn’t carry over mana to the next tier like the charge heroes do!!

Yup. You have to cast in order to get to the next tier. Hence why this hero is crap on offense. Defense wise, blind in 1st cast too low.

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“12-tiles to hit all”

Yup especially since you have to get 12 tiles nowadays to get very fast ready

You down play every hero thats released

This card on its own isn’t “top tier” but pair him with lets say dodge ( hanitra for example ) blind + dodge can be very effective… too bad he doesnt give the buffs needed to speed her up, which neith does but her aging stats is a downside

When they 1st released the hero by name THOR, I thought this hero will be totally game changing :scream: (by the name reputation overall)

But he was not that impressive and now they released his costume it’s like they have done balance adjustment (buff) to make this hero more usable…
But THOR’S costumes version is not even close or he is not that great compared to many OP heros roaming all over the E&P cards sheets which needs rebalancing!!!

May be the reason people won’t chase him madly and SG won’t get benifit out of it


OMG! One love story in SG, that is still going strong, is a story of Thor!

I created idea for first charge effects with Thor, they made it such, I pulled him on 6th pull when he was first introduced and his costume today on second pull! Only thing SG really gifted me in these years and really feels worth :smiley: thank you SG!


Hard luck… I’m at 122 pulls now without a single 5 star

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haah congrats r3vo ×20

I wrote a post about Costumed Thor on my blog for those interested:

Thank you.


Agreed. I got Costume Hel the other day and she’s already outdated. All the S2, S3 possibly s4 heros even with costumes are behind most of the new OP ones. Pulling in these portals became pointless imho. Even S5 start lacking. I was lucky to pull Bennu from S5 and it’s completely outmatched by Hachiko, so why bother.


Totally disagree. C Hel is not the best on defense but an amazing offensive tool. If only expecting the very best on every pull is how things work, your glass will always be half empty.


Im not saying she’s terrible. I’m going to max her,.no question. That said a week after she was released, a new hero was introduced with a very similar special and let’s call it modern stats. She’s outdated in this way.

Similar with costume Thor. He’s alright, but pales compared to the latest OP heroes.

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And if you get 3 2017 heroes, prerrably with costumes, she is badass on defense too!

  • She becomes fast speed (all 2017 family members + 15 mana gen + 5 from their costume)
  • They get additional +10 mana gen from elemental link and + 15 to attack and def (even for two other heroes not being part of 2017 team

At fast speed, she is unmatched!

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