📯 Costumed Skadi – New Season 3 Costume – 5* Ice/Blue: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

They are cumulative anď share the same stacks

Thanks for the answer, but that didn’t clear things up. Normal Skadi mana generation debuff is 7% per stack, and Costume is 8%. If they both cast stack of 5 each, what would be the final mana debuff? -70% or -80%?

75%, 5 stacks at -7%, 5 stacks at -8%

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Got mine today


Post August 2023 buff:


She looks awesome after the costume family bonus buff. But I’m still wondering if her hit is strong enough now to kill the current beefy minions in this current meta. If not, a slight increase of 10%-20% on her special skills hit will be great and she can be much useful hero

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Hi. I have a question. I got her some rime ago and she was sitting on a bench till now and i’ m wodering if she is still worth of working on her?

I still use my normal skadi… But i have to set of Ray in advance because most minions are too beefy alone.


The costume keeps her relevant because of the boost to her stats, she is wonderful in minion war and if you raid vs minions she can also work well. The caveat is that she needs help to set up properly and take advantage of her effects.

Attack boosters & defense down heroes pair beautifully with Skadi since minions have become so tough (both high HP and now heroes have much higher defensive stats which aid the minions on the hero).
I have therefore started using the costume for a more powerful hit to three instead of a more diffuse hit to all.

Team Mates:
Dispeller - So many taunt heroes that will nullify you specials (Defense down and Skadi), this is espcially useful against Phorcys since he casts minions along with his taunt

Attack Up - The higher the better, growth would be phenomenal if you have Goblins, want as much power behind Skadi’s hit as possible to knock out as many minions as possible.

Defense Down - In a perfect world low damage with Defense down. Louhi used to kill minions, now she usually won’t kill it but does leave it weakened for Skadi to kill (also, Louhi has priority dispel so is the Perfect partner). Old school Kunchen is another brilliant partner with Defense down.

Elemental Defense Down - Must be ICE (Blue) and here you might kill the minions since most hit fairly hard. If using Skadi’s costume it will pair well with hit target and nearby like Frida. This works best if firing just before a minion is added to the other team (minion war or if the minion summoner is about to fire), timing can be tricky but it is another option.

If you are fighting minion casters, Rage is an excellent way to boost your attack since each minion ping bumps up the rage attack, Agrafena, Khiona and even 3* Brienne can work if you are completing a PoG challenge for “Win raid with a Rare hero” challenge.

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I chose her from Soul Exchange even though she was no longer “meta”.

I have zero regrets.

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