ℹ Costumed Seshat – 5* Dark/Purple - July 2019 HotM Costume

Thx, I have fixed the skill name to match with name what you think it should be, and I am asking Staff about this possible typo in skill name.

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Here’s mine dlb if anyones curious :slightly_smiling_face: well worth the mats, still one of my all time faves :heart_eyes: she hits hard for 370% too, and dodge power has come in useful more than once


what is c. bonus? in exchange seems very low

It is the expected costume bonus.
Just the 2017 and 2018 costume bonuses are higher.


after all i didn’t take her and now she got buff :cry::cry::cry:glad for her, just can’t believe now haha

What buff has she received?

Costume Bonus Buffs

Legends 2017, 2018, 2019 Families

  • OLD: +5% attack / +5% defense / +10% health / +5% mana generation
  • NEW: +21% attack / +21% defense / +38% health / +5% mana generation

Just to ask - I have an emblem path from the regular Seshat, for attack and def, made back In 2019, when her 400% snipe was something.

Now, I would mostly use cSeshat for priority dispel, especially Ninja Grannys, Green Knights etc. Given that her measly 370% snipe is the value that hit-3 heroes have nowadays, do you think it’s better to rebuild the talent path for costume for def and health?

I’m slightly gutted I didn’t opt for her in the SE (Quintin is lovely though) - as she was my first HOTM waaaay back when and I’ve always wanted the costume.

To your point - why not try her out in raids and see how well she survives now. If she keeps dying, reemblem her - if not then you’re sorted. :slight_smile:

That seems a legit buff
I pulled her+costume from HA the day her costume was released


She is an offensive hero
I went full attack costume side
I only use her in attack to dispel then fire

If you double limit break her,i think her minions will reach 500hp
With this buff she would be a solid tank
Never thought one day i’d say seshat is a tank lol
Even in 2019 she wasnt a good tank

Well, in my opinion she’s far from being tank material still. Nothing scary of her, just a weak snipe, so she will be just tile dump. With plethora of minion counters nowadays, her replicator would have a hard time going for even one replica :stuck_out_tongue:

Her minions can reach more than 500 hp
With her new stat she can be a tank but for the f2p ofc
Im f2p so lol

I went def and health for the costume and she is a great utility hero for me! I even have her on my defense and she does well at my level (low diamond 2400-2600).

I am just debating whether to give her the mana node at +18 or grab an extra 24 defense points?
Would that 2% mana do anything for her?

I went with defence node. I have been using her in defence and offence from last year(had pulled with costume). And she has been doing great. Lately I was experimenting by replacing her with my new heroes but after buff update she is good again. 2600-2700 cups.

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She is pretty good at this level of raids after the buff!!

I was just thinking if the 2% mana would add some benefit in some situations since she gains 4% mana when she fires. Maybe when ghosting tiles?

Anyway I think being more sturdy is better here. I will go with the defense node.

Did you LB2? I was planning on LB1 but then she got buffed and I changed my mind as her stats are decent now. But If I am gonna keep her on defense then I will consider LB1 again.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Pretty good after buff


You should update the screenshot to include her new passive! One of my favorite heroes in the game!

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Is this a bug or working as expected?
I thought the passive cleanses the newest ailment.

In the below image, C Dom fired (poison ailment), then C Azlar fired (burn ailment). I fired C Seshat and the new cleanse passive removed C Doms ailment not C Azlar’s ailment.
Shouldn’t the fire ailment be cleansed instead of the poison since its the latest one?

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