📯 Costumed Salmon Loki – New Season 3 Costume – 5* Dark/ Purple: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

I think there are 3 in the Phoenix VIP, if I remember correctly, I have a similar issue where I need dark aether II



I have sworn by the fish for ages and no one even listens. He cleans up in raids and the “useless” color flip is actually amazing when he flips the tank to normally what they’re weak against (which is usualyl the majority of the tiles at any given point.)

Adding a monocle, a moustache, a hat, a best, and bumping his damage to yellow is lovely imo

I just got the costume too

:frog: he’ll do well with frog prince


them little pellets is always how they get me too mang

AND PEOPLE STILL UNDERESTIMATE HIM and write him off! I’ve sworn by this hero for ages

Full Rainbow non anthropomorphic Animal gang wearing headgear team


1756 damage in one shot, and that’s not counting 20% damage amp from motega.

With both damage amp, DOT amp and my best attacking troop

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i love anthropomorphic ok ok ok ok listen listen

frog tries to be involved he really does but there is not a single thought behind those eyes :frog:

blue owl is the RUUUUUUULE breaker :owl:

red owl is momma and she make the pancakes bc she is good at it :owl:

yellow owl always give the best advice she is a good friend :owl:

salmon is everyone’s dad even when they have ribbit and bogart and featerino over to watch TV, he keep an eye on things and everyone respect the monocle :fish:

the proof is in the pudding—fish flakes
he’s aweesome i’ve always said this i will always say this

"fAtEd SuMmOn DoEsNt HaVe AnyThInG GoOoOod :frowning: "

yoooo salmon loki just trust me (they never trust me)


Keep in mind with the full damage on top of the poison from telonius, that’s 2500 damage, it’s almost enough to kill an enemy even with a legendary troop

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