ℹ Costumed Rumpelstiltskin – 5* Ice / Blue from Fables of Grimforest

Not quite I do get heals when I don’t need and damage when I want a heal but RNG gonna RNG and in a job where I deal with trying to predict things and control processes as much as possible. Giving in to the random and accepting it is good for the soul

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Figured it was too good to be true. :rofl::joy:

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I think he is very good on Defense. All three effects are good. Probably not for offense because you can’t choose the effect.

I have costume rumple, arfanias, costume yunan and kara all in need of significant leveling… So… I really need to stop pulling because it is creating a logjam… Oh look… Kalevala… What was i saying?

Give me costume Rumpel to relieve your logjam. Please

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I would give you one if I could. If only I could.

Which talent path would fit the best? Maybe someone can post a picture?

Since he doesn’t do any direct damage from his special, I personally would go health > defence, and have him as a really infuriating tank. Definitely path for the costume usage though over the normal version.

I’m interested to see what other people would do though!

EDIT: I’m not sure if the hp reduction damage would scale with attack being increased, so someone else can maybe answer that, but 550hp off is already pretty substantial if you ask me - obviously there are direct damage dealers that can do more, but it’s also 550hp to all!


HP reduction special is fixed. It will not scale up with attack stats. I have Horus and his HP reduction stayed at 110 per turn regardless of increased attack stats from emblems.

The corrosive poison will scale up with increased attack stats.

And yeah, agree that the 550 HP reduction up 5x can be nasty.

Current HP for defence teams are at least 1550 these days. 550 is almost 30% of maxed HP.


Thank you guys for the answers, that’s helpful! So hp over def or def over hp? Sorry for this next question but i’m not sure what’s more important in rumpels case

If I had to choose, this would be my preferred route (taken from heroplan.io), i’ve personally found more success with hp over def, but others may beg to differ:


There is one exception though:


This is really up to you. There’s arguably more value to the def/hp node than hp/attack for the costumed version, even though you do get a little uptick in the corrosive poison as mentioned above. My issue however, is that I just really don’t enjoy the +2% self-healing bonus as I find it just doesn’t give me enough payoff. Especially for the non-costumed version which might pick option 2 and even then, only heals 27% compared to many other more substantial healers!

I hope that helps :slight_smile: :wolf:

Wow thank you, now i’m sure which way to go. So this means at node 8 and 9 go left, not right, for the def/hp nodes for the costume, thank you buddy

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Loving Rumple’s Costume. Woke up to +40 gain on defense. I know it’s random, but the HP overfill and HP deduction are pretty significant and who doesn’t mind mana slow. I’m digging him for sure, but it could just be me rationalizing LB him, lol. We’ll see.

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To be honestly I like Rumpel the most compared to Panther and black knight for my defense team. Taunt is good but easy to be dispelled. Guardian of Panther def isn’t high enough to stand on defense team. Rumpel is unpredictable and all 3 skills are great.


I’m excited to get him leveled up. Who are you teaming him with on defense? What position do you find works best for him? Tank?

I gave him the aethers as well, no hesitating, no regrets. He performs very well! I run him in double formation (2 front, 3 back) from left to right with el naddaha, costume black knight, goseck, arco, costume rumpel. I super happy with this lineup


This is good news… Though i have so many heroes in front of rumple…

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These are my thoughts exactly, but I’m undecided whether he should jump the queue ahead of LoLo - both are fun heroes.

Had him in reverse formation at Tank and alliance mates said he was pretty easy to pick off. So now I have him shielded. I run double formation with (in order) Wolfgang, Rumple, Guan Yu in the back and Hulda and El Duque up front. I don’t have any meta defense units and only an unleveled Kara for taunt. So I’m sure with even better defensive stalwarts it would be better.

I’ve also been using him on my raid team and while the randomness can be annoying, I don’t think I’ve ever been upset with the RNG, just sometimes wish for a different outcome. I run a 3-1-1 on raid offense with Quintin, Pengi, Wolfgang, Hulda and Rumple. I’m sure there’s better raiding teams I could run, but this one has been doing the best for me. (I don’t mix and match based on the opponent, too lazy to do that). I think Rumple’s biggest utility is just the stall you get with his mana reduction. And his hp reduction and boost are pretty significant.

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You put him in the back? I’m just curious if he can make it in the front. I went defensive path. Alliance mates said he’s probably a no go in the front and doesn’t fire enough in the back, but I still feel like my raid defense is at least equal to what I had before, if not a slight gain.