🎅 Costumed Mother North -- 5* Nature/ Green from Santa's Challenge (Winter)

This is insane. I hate her. I hate this game everytime I see this


Come at her with the best fit heroes, if possible.

Viscaro is a really good counter to her (and the rest of her team) as long as you have good support heroes with him that allows for a longer fight. Otherwise sniping and mana control are tried-and-true methods.

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I have Mother North costume all leveled up, but I’m struggling to agree with the hype.

Mother North with or without costume can’t be found in the top raid defence teams. All of the top teams are very damage-oriented, so therefore the obvious reason is that she doesn’t bring any damage.

My situation is that I have Guan Yu as left wing and Freya or Ariel as left flank or tank. On the right I have Jove and Tahir, with Tahir waiting to get replaced soon with Khufu or something. In this composition I just don’t see any way Mother North could replace Guan Yu without changing both Freya and Ariel, because that means I would only have 2 damage dealers. Despite having Jove I don’t think that’s enough damage to work.

Change my mind.

A) you’ll see 30 of her on defense every very fast war (if you’re playing at a high level), and B) raid defenses aren’t the only benchmark for a great hero

Every time I use her I believe I have a chance of winning. She’s for real.


Ah yes, fast wars change the game completely. My problem is that I have never had particular problems facing revivers on regular defence or alliance wars, so I can’t see how that works out. When setting up your defence team for wars and regular defence, you are pretty much left in the dark because you can’t see what kind of team is attacking you and what they are struggling with.

Still I think 2 direct damage dealers is too little.

What is the best emblem path for Mother North’s costume?

I asked in my alliance chat and a few people shared their current paths with me but they also said they were thinking of stripping her and taking a different path but never provided any reason as to why just which nodes they would change.

So what is the best emblem path for her costume.

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I found this for you … I went defence and health. She needs to stay alive as long as possible

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Defence and health is the best path for healers, revivers and any heroes that don’t do damage (e.g. utility heroes because you want them to survive).


And because they don’t do direct damage with their specials so sword nodes make little to no difference most of the time

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Cleric and Monk have almost similar talent tree, kudos to the Devs on this, for assigning cleric /monk to MN/Costume respectively , so if you go Def / health on the base MN you will achieve mostly Def /health on the Costume.