🐰 Costumed Master Lepus – 5* Ice/Blue from Springvale

I got him today. Getting so rare legendary heroes is unusual for me. I want to share his full artwork:


com 8 puxadas, uffa!
agora vai ser parte das minhas equipes


Congrats on your C-Master Lepus @sleepyhead! :partying_face::tada::confetti_ball: Great timing. :+1:


Snagged him.

Now, Killhare.


What heroes can block or cleanse his mana regen debuff? Except Gazelle?

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Grazul is also good for this or any from here:

Thx @VeryQuietly for the image.


All ailment blockers (Grazul, Emilio, Vanda, Garnet, c.Poseidon)
and regular Poseidon.


@u2371 According to previous bug reports and SG replies, undispelables effects can overwrite each other, that being said, fiends effects just stay until the fiend is removed

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Congrats on your C-Master Lepus @Theo87! :partying_face::tada::confetti_ball:


Yes, that is why I ask but it look like fiend ailment have higher priority than normal undispelable ailment.

Did some testing just to extra confirm;

  1. Guardian Gazelle take away Master Lepus negative mana
  2. Emilio (and other blocker) did the job, they block getting negative mana
  3. Ludwig; Master Lepus got “receive mana” from Ludwig and also -24% mana from himself at the same time. Don’t know what total effect is having both.

Happy gaming


Yes, what am I missing here? The costume seems less good than the original card

I’m trying to figure out whether to redo emblems to give more attack to the c.Lepus or regular Lepus. I am leaning toward using costume Lepus because:

  1. I don’t have another emblemed fast, hard hitting blue AOE to match with Morel.

  2. Regular Lepus is somewhat surpassed by c.Alasie, whereas c.Lepus seems a bit more unique.

  3. Even with -24% mana generation, c. Lepus goes from fast to average. That isn’t a game changer and I don’t find I need to block the negative effect so far with my test raids. If Morel (LB) and c. Lepus (LB) specials are fired, then you get 7 tiles and Morel goes off a second time, it will likely wipe most or all of the team and those extra 2 tiles won’t be needed


Your third point is an interesting analysis. I pulled him for the alt account (Which I am extremely thin on blue heroes but ironically have morel). I fight mono, so this 1-2 punch might be the fight anyway?

Morel/c.Lepus is a potent combo, but unlike Evelyn Quenell, it leaves most heroes standing. If you have a third hero like c.Alasie then it becomes a killing force. Having Morel plus two c. Lepuses (Lepi?) would be awesome.


can someone with maxed mana troop test if he stays fast with +15% mana i think he should. In which case it would be a non factor.

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Anyone have the gut feeling he’s getting the nerf hammer? The only reason I’m not pulling for this event is fear that it will end up Lille Christmas.


I doubt it, the heros hit hard yes, but thats about.

Don’t think so. He is not that good.

Happy gaming

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He is fragile even with emblems and he has a self inflicting ailment which makes his very weak. If they nerf him, it would be he joke of the year.

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