Costumed Leonidas (Secondary Costume) - 5* Holy / Yellow from Season 1

For defense C2 is sure better. For Titan you need both C1 and C2 for max synergy (unless you don’t have a replacement for either DD or EDD)


So, emble path with C1 or C2…!?

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Uh, sorry I meant to make sure that ‘emblem go with Ranger’?

I use Second costume for defense, and first for attack, but I definitely need a second One.
They’ll perfectly work together in attack. And probably in defense too.

And the second One should be quiet easy to get from my 3 TC20


Never got Leonidas from TC20 but got 2 from costume chamber


Can anyone explain this to me? How can he put my defense down when furdinand reflex is up?

Ranger defense bypass?

When that happens i should get bleedind, where is it?
Why did this never happen with morel?