Costumed Joon or drake?

Here is my raid defence:

Here is my current war defence:

I know, I know, shame on me for not having a great green in either case. Kingston is waiting on a single tonic. Or even better MN next month?

I may be in a position where I will be in an allaince using dark or holy tanks in the future. I have looked at some top players and see some caostumed joons and lots of Drakes. Unsure if this is a novelty or not.


Given this would you strip Drake and use fighter joon?


Defense wise, I favor Drake. For offense, it is more dependent on the setup. Inari use to be on my team so Drake was a nice combo. I don’t use Inari anymore except on titans so now I wish I had Joon maxed.


I just like the fighter class, also I’d be able to shave a tile on joon with his costume.
Not sure if the chance of revive and faster hitting outweighs the annoyance of the triple blind.
Thanks for the reply.


I’d stick with drake in defense. He’ll help stack damage to multiple heroes on top of kunch and gm effects

With gm and drake both hitting 3, kunch dropping defense of all, you’ll have 2 heroes that can hit 6 vs only 5 opponents so it increases the chances of them getting multiple target options down to a kill shot for alasie or even drake himself as he has finished off more than 1 of my heroes before and yea it’s a wind sucker for sure


Once you decide for one of them, you will use him everywhere. I don’t think will change the emblems from Drake to Joon and vice versa. I also have both maxed. Drake is the obvious choice for emblems, therefore anywhere. Joon will have the costume bonus anyway. And in PvP will use them both on the same attack line-up, don’t you? So, stick with Drake on defense since he’s the one with the emblems (and should remain on him).


Yes, I use both on the same offensive line. I guess the excitement of getting a fast hero to drop a tile was making me consider shuffling emblems. Thanks all from preventing me from spending a weeks worth of resources to swap embs :slight_smile: . I’ll stick with drake.


This is unrelated but I dont want to create another thread. I always imagine the top 100 allainces build their war defence to not get 1 shot because I assume 3 hits on a target is rare.
Imo Kingston over MN or Alby would do a better job of that. (Incase of a miracle I get MN).
What are you noticing up top, in raid defences I am seeing alot more Kingston. What about war?

I would say Kingston is the obvious choice even for war (if you are part of such alliance). In top 100 AW the faster the better. There is 1 shot or not. If not, the “debris” will stay there for a while, till cleaning. Most of the teammates go for 1 shot. So this is why I say Kingston will help the defense better than Alby or MN. Of course, I’m speaking only from my external observations. I guess @Rigs actually is part of such alliance and knows better :slight_smile:


Depends on your tank

If you use a healing tank, then kingston is typically better

If using a damaging tank, then alby or mn are probly better

Just my take on it. We see both. We see guin tanks with kingston wings, guin tanks with alby/mn wings, etc

Personally i find the double heal defenses easier to deal with than the extra damage defenses.

Could really go either way. I don’t have my own defense nailed down yet.


Well that’s decent news that I’ll be able to field a okay team once Kingston is brought up.

I have both. Keep it on Drake. He is better for defense. I only put 1 node on Joon for his fighter ability.

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Ive been in top 100 and you will see more MN and Alby in the left wing. The reason is that they can force the retreat of a smart player or completely waste a flag of a dumb one.

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I find kunchen tank with a alby/mn wing are difficult to kill even with a good board. They’re just very resilient and once they get going, it can be tough to kill them. Great setup, and so is with a more aggressive setup using Kingston. There is just different team builds. Kingston does very well on defenses that uses ursena tank. That’s an aggressive defense that just punishes bad boards before you have a chance to do anything. And then there’s the slower grindier defenses like kunchen tank and alby/mn wing, but they will also have fast damage dealers like drake and grave to get the job done. The one thing I personally think boosts the alby/mn defense over the aggressive defenses is that it’s typically against the rules to attack those defense until half time :man_shrugging:t2:
Just the fact alby/mn exist is enough to prevent your team from getting farmed. We leave them alone. It’s different in top ten alliances, maybe even top 25, but in top 100, we see the other side respecting our alby/mn defenses usually too.

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