Costumed hero from Epic Portal?

I just pulled a costumed Skittleskull from the Epic Portal using an epic hero token. I thought costumes were only during the costume event. Am I just wrong? (it definitely wouldn’t be the first time!)

I fed him to Zocc. I hope that was ok if it is indeed a bug…

It is not possible to summon a Hero Custom from any other portals but Costume portal.
What probably happen there, you used a hero token to summon in the epic hero portal and received Skittleskull but you already had her costume that you probably have received from previous summons during the Costume Event.
Note that you only need 1 costume to be used on all copies of same hero.


What @Magnifique said.

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Also you might have pulled the Skittleskull costume way back at the start when you just got the costume. If you didn’t have Skittles (and I usually don’t as I just feed him to something else) then the costume just sat there. Then you pulled Skittles and spotted the costume logo and that’s where confusion could grow from. Maybe.

Your “costumed” Skittleskull should apear in your recent activity log. Check there. What you’re saying should not be possible.

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So grateful for screenshots

The mystery of the Case of Skittleskull’s Costume has been solved. Nice deductive work and analysis, posters.

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So to be clear, if I received a costumed Skittleskull a while back (I know I did) but fed him away (I always feed Skittle)…

…his costume still hangs around in my closet?

In real life, that would take up unnecessary space (not something I need or that sparks joy a la Marie Kondo), but I could see it having benefits in the game!

Thank you for the explanations!

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It’s my understanding that once you get a costume for any hero, one copy of that costume is permanently locked in your costume inventory. You can feed duplicate costumes, but not the original.

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Yep. You can feed the hero but a copy of the costume lingers. Once you get the costume, it stays with you. Any dupe costume may be fed to the costume version of any hero.

I’m actually glad that it works that way. Keeps people from making dumb mistakes. Doesn’t hurt anyone to keep an extra costume lying around. It’s not taking up roster space or anything.


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