Costumed Hero Card Values Release 2 - Original, Not Wearing Costume, Wearing Costume

Following are the 21 v2 Costume released Heroes summarized (together, then within their respective rarities)

All 21 (Original, Not Wearing, Wearing) - ordered by Rarity and Name

Legends Only* - ordered by Name

Epics Only* - ordered by Name

Rares Only* - ordered by Name

*Hero Utility Card RaZoR’s EDgE: Ranks are valid until new hero(s) are added to the population or the game maker reblances existing heroes (figures are for 05-19-2020 post Balancing Changes of the same date). At that time they are recalculated.

@Vikingblood80 @AngelOfDark666 @Rose_3000 @Guvnor @JonahTheBard @PapaHeavy @Stunab @Math4lyfe @nevarmaor @ThePirateKing

** Edit was to correct Elks Special Skill.


Great work as always @Razor.

I got me a C.Caedmon to work on (also pulled C.Rigard :+1:) .


@Razor just checked the tool today and saw that you have added all these costumes, fantastic work and so helpful. Hope to see some grades for these as well.


Thanks for your work on this, your tool is very helpful. Can you look at C. Elkanen’s special though, I think it’s got the wrong description :slight_smile:

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It sure does thank you! Getting it corrected across the board! @Dannyoh31 - corrected thanks again!

Boril emblembed up … that’s a high defence! Worth putting on a 5* tank lineup over telluria?!


I’ve personally always wanted max out Boril and have a Top-100 team run him as Tank - that was pre-Costumes… regardless of competitors I’d love to see it (as well do it as its 100% viable for most players to do this). HS! Especially with a AOE Counterattack like this! HA HA HA. @Fookit

Awesome , many thanks for the hard work :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::blue_heart:

Awesome stuff Batdaddy…I believed we are approaching 80% now. Thank for the hard work my friend, it really is appreciated!!

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You bet PH! Hope your well. Planning on stepping out of BATMAN RETURNS soon (maybe not leave) to start visiting, your on the the top of the list I had missed you inbetween B.VENGEANCE & Enders.

@Fookit I’m giving Boril a huge Thumbs up as another viable 4* in the 5* mix! Used him in WAR and felt him and Melendor were my true stars. Wish he wasn’t a CLERIC as Rigard is likely my most favored hero in our deck currently and 3 of them have all my emblems.