ℹ Costumed Guardian Panther – 5* Dark / Purple from Guardians of Teltoc

C Panther is tough but I think its a sign of things to come. Before long people will forget about a nerf for her. Will be others more OP and taking the attention for the latest nerf candidate. Power creep is beyond noticable now. Years ago, not so much.


Is C. Panther best paired with herself (another C. Panther) or Killhare who has slightly higher damage at average speed? Or even with original Panther for the family bonus, though only hitting 3 heroes?

6 people pulled this costume? Madness, I bought all the offers and got nada. Dang!

C. Tiburtus - G.Panther - Ursena or C. Killhare // def down - elemental def down - extra dmg to holy = END


I did 60, Yes 60 pulls for me and i got zero, 0, nada, nothing. Not a single f… 5* . Disgusting. This is just gross. Thats the most disgusting game of all. Outrageuos…

Now is a very good reason to stop playing this game :sweat_smile: you can have the best hero in the game and get wiped without working the board to win we should be able to auto play raid

I vote for C panther herself or panther because of dispel.


It is overpower hero. Some of my friends leave the game because they felt unbalance between some heros and they own.
Costumed Panther should be nerf to 3 target hit or damage down to 150~200% all targets.

iirc, family bonus only applies to unique heroes, and i don’t think using a costume and a base version of the same hero on a team qualifies as “unique.”

as for the synergy, the Teltoc family bonus boosts defense, so it may help survivability (which Panther costume’s Paladin talent helps a lot with), but it won’t necessarily be a boost to offense. you’re probably better off with Killhare.

C. Panther, C. Panther, Killhare should end 99% of raids though haha.

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Incorrect, base and costume version of a hero count as separate family members for family bonus calculation! Eg, I use Frank and C Frank in the same team to benefit from +5MG morlovia bonus.


Agree. I am failing to understand how SG could release a 280% hit-all-enemy costume version of a hero, when the vanilla version hits target-and-nearby at 210%… Does not make sense, IMO.

Also, I fail to understand why cLepus (a fast 280% hit-all-enemy hero) receives a mana debuff “penalty”, but cPanther gives enemies debuffs… Again, does not make sense, IMO.

I’ve read a few of the posts on Costume G.Panther and I’ve decided to weigh in to balance the seemingly majority viewpoint that the card should be nerfed.

Since I’ve returned to the game in February 2022 it does seem that SG has had a policy of releasing OP heroes and then nerfing them as a form of policy. However in C.G. Panther’s case I believe they’ve done an excellent job of restoring this once Meta hero back to relevance in the current Meta.

I can’t count how many requests I’ve seen from players begging for old heroes to be reworked and made more useful and powerful. Why aren’t more players happy with SG’s stellar job of doing just this for Panther?

I’ve owned G.Panther since the card’s release in October of 2017. It was a top tier card then and is still the best in slot vs. Holy Titans for EDD in the current meta but in every other category of play Panther had fallen far behind. A lot of the Panther hate seems to be initiated by Lepus and C.Lepus players who are suffering from a distinct case of Panther envy. Who says Panther can’t be top tier again? Who are these self-appointed, player gate keepers of awesomeness?

Seriously if you don’t like the balance and ecology of SG’s hero universe show your dislike with your play time and dollars and take your business elsewhere. There are so many other gacha games and I’ve played a few extensively. Put your time and money where you are happy. Please spare the rest of us from another epic whinge over your opinion. Fact based rants on clearly poorly tested OP heroes are welcome but in Panther’s case my bet is experienced and skillful players are celebrating and are confident Panther won’t break the game.

While I have my share of complaints regarding the current state of the game on the whole I am greatly enjoying my return to Empires and Puzzles and I believe SG is still providing a top tier product when it comes to an RPG gacha game.

To be absolutely clear, all gacha games arrange their top heroes in a hierarchy which means some heroes must inevitably suck, some will be the best and many will fall somewhere in between. Before you complain do your homework and see if SG’s ecology of heroes is balanced and consistent with the game’s esthetic, lore and mechanics. Costume Guardian Panther is merely resuming her place among the top Heroes of the game. Let’s celebrate SG doing a good job this time and be very happy if you’ve pulled Panther. You are now the proud owner of an “S” tier hero.

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He is really cream of the crop, but Panther has been amongs best heroes for the whole time. When his costume was made, they put him back on the throne, where she was already before :slight_smile:

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Because they didn’t “rework” Panther to make her “more useful”. I have had Panther for almost 4 years, and she is still the same. In order to get the upgrade, I have to get extremely lucky or spend some serious cash. I’m not arguing for a nerf, but don’t sell this as a fix for an old hero.

It’s basically a new hero, as you have to pull it seperately.

SG did not do


Man, if the costume remains hit-3 but does 300%+ damage and dispel first, that’d be OP. Haha. Kinda disappointed at the costume with no dispel to be honest. SG’s way of forcing you to pull a 2nd one.

Yes, I see what you mean. Fair point and SG has reworked/buffed old heroes in the past. Thanks for pointing out this oversight on my part.

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I did 70 in gargoyles and 40 this event and got zero 5*. So, that’s pretty much normal

Yeah, hate to say it but that seems pretty normal

The use of both the costume and vanilla version of a hero in the same team counts as two unique heroes of that family and DOES count towards the family bonus.

Worth doing a search if in doubt, or just click on the link to save time.

Costume Family Bonus
From Sept '21 @PlayForFun’s Beta Beat regarding HotM costumes, there are more but the mechanic is the same.


Having read your review (thx!) and also about the new x2 costume for S1 heroes, and the expected stats…I understand your point where the direction of the game is going. C G.Panther will be in the lower part of these upcoming heroes.
E.g. x2 costume Quintous will be up to 2000 i health if I do my calculations correctly after LB and emblems. A replacement of Alfrike.

I am surprised that nerf fanboys hasn’t started requesting the x2 costume yet :joy:

Happy gaming