📯 Costumed Freya – New Season 3 Costume – 5* Dark / Purple: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Hence why I said assume as I wasn’t sure. So basically the only part of any hero’s special that Freya dodges is the damage, all other parts of any heroes special will occur ? Or is it only the parts that come before the damage will occur & everything AFTER the damage will be dodged ? This seems more plausible to me. I always fall for classing a special as a whole rather than a checklist of skills. It shows u must always read a special thoroughly to properly understand the implications of when a skill occurs in said list.

I think it is this.
Onyx’s skill (damage first) is dodged, but not Ametrine’s (dispel first).

Thank you this is what I was wondering

That is incorrect. When dodge is already active, even Ametrine’s priority dispel can be dodged by the defending heroes.

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Right after C.Freya release, I tested with Louhi, Ametrine and Joukahainen, heroes that buff-dispel before doing damage, and C.Freya never dodged thier buff-dispel.
I wonder if I just got lucky?

No you didn’t get lucky. Freya only dodges damage

Freya will dodge if the damage occurs 1st before everything else. So it all depends on whether it says ‘all special skills’ or just ‘special skills that do damage’. The former can dodge everything no matter what, whereas the latter is more dependant on what happens 1st so the wording on the special description is crucial to understanding what will occur. Sorry Z that’s wrong. Amertrine or any hero that dispels 1st will dispel Freya’s dodge every time before they inflict their damage thus removing the dodge before the damage occurs. That’s why C. Kad, Hanitra & Bastet r killers & super annoying as they can dodge everything thrown at them. Hence why I take Diaochan &/or Xiahou Dunn. Crucial for dodgers IMO!!


So the ducks from bastet, c kadilen,margareth and freyas can stack/combine?

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C freya, Jade, Marg and C kad all overwrite each others dodge. Not sure about Bastet

That’s strange. U wud think C. Freya’s dodge being to damage only wud stack with C. Kads with her dodge affecting everything. Usually when the icon is different they do stack but obviously not in this case. Only have damage dodgers so can’t test it. Damage dodgers sounds like jammy dodgers !!! Yummy !!!

The stacking of dodge was removed some time back. Can’t remember which update that was or was it in a separate exercise.

It’s just like how defense down overwrites defense down that increases pr. hit.
Not same, but similar enough that they overwrite

I missed that update probably why I thought it shud stack. Still thinking about those jammy dodgers I am !!!

I bring Freya on all the titan fights except the ones that are 100% shielded against purple. IF I get enough purple shields to keep 2-3 ravens per hero I easily add 20k to my total.


Same with Motega & Wu Kong. The minions never miss but hit like a truck when Wu’s buff is active. Along with Motega’s minions’ 20% damage increase the minions do 200 damage each totalling 3k damage per turn from just minions !!! Have to try C. Freya too. Have to try Wu’s buff with C. Freya !!!

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According to the card,

Raven Minion gives +180% attack to all its owner’s other Minions.

So if the owner has other Raven minions, the atk buff should apply to those, shouldn’t it?

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Yes. So if the hero has two raven minions they both give 180% to each other. And with three raven minions they all get +360% attack.

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