📯 Costumed Freya – New Season 3 Costume – 5* Dark / Purple: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Don’t get me wrong. Freya is great. She had helped me win many wars.

Use her as an offensive support, pair with another purple healer. Will fit nicely in any 3-2 stack.


difference with Freya and Bastet is that, Freya only dodge damaging specials, while Bastet does all, even dispells :wink:


Yeah, well - it happened. After cFreya I got Bastet today. Didn’t expect this coming (see post above :rofl:). I don’t have Xnolphod, so I’m very happy for two tanky options. cFreya (I already had her) is close to 4-80, so I can use here before Bastet is ready.


Nice pulling and at least you don’t have to spend 4* mats to finish off Freya’s costume :upside_down_face: Unfortunately I didn’t get Freya or Bastet, but I have two Xnolphods so maybe the dupe octopus will have to do :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Can someone test out C Freya/treevil/Sergei (or C g panther on titans. I want to see how much 15 ravens can actually do with this setup.

Dont think wating for the minions to peck the titan to death is all the great of a strategy, too slow

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Don’t sleep on Freya for titans, for her birds can deal consistent damage. She can ensure at least 50k damage with even the shittiest of boards

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Really? I was told not to bring minion heroes for titans a long time ago. Cos they eat up valuable titan time.


Freya is different. She can still ensure some damage is given out even for terrible boards. I have used her on titans because I don’t have better choices and she performs quite decently
I will say though, Freya can slay any titan at 10 and below. Anything above that she will start to weaken by a lot. I tried her against 12* titans and completely understand why people don’t bother with minions for titans.


Ah okay. I get your explanation. I will give her a go when I have a chance.

Could anyone test Freya/Freya costume + Seshat combo ?

It is from this post. Sadly, I and @Star150m don’t have Freya/Freya costume.

It might be possible to boost Seshat minion’s Atk without limit with Freya/Freya costume.

Use Freya/Freya costume to boost Seshat minion atk then wait unitl the minion replicate. Then use Freya/Freya costume skill. Do this loop many time until the minion slash as hard as special skill.

did she dodge for 3 or 4 turns? text say 3 and photo 4, :slight_smile:

She dodges for 4. Only damage dealing special skills unfortunately. I still use Wu Kong & with Motega’s minions, G. Jack, Kara & Zeke & the minions hit for over 250 each. 15x minions that’s minimum 3750 each turn guaranteed !!! The minions ignore Wu Kongs accuracy part & never seem to miss !!! It uses up time yes but the damage increase is worth it.

I tried C Freya in the last escaped 7* yellow.

No items used. Boards were kinda sad: no purple cascades, no multi combos.

Damage was >50k for all 4 tries. One flag reached 71k with about 13 ravens pecking at the titan.


Can’t wait to try that once my C. Freya is complete. !!

So is it good? To me that’s quite decent damage,

Well… that C Freya attempt scored better than my usual yellow titan team. :rofl::joy:

Under the same conditions: sad boards.

Need higher damage though cos it’s only 2 of us against a 6*. My Franz isn’t ready.

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Does c Freya dodge grimble?

Costume Freya is a very good hero for survivability purposes and also a fantastic tank. Her only downfall is people like melendor and costume sabina who do no do damage but will still dispell freyas dodge. Guardian Panther and others can prevent the taunt yes. If she does get going before your specials are ready or your melendor or sabina are not eady it can become difficult. Overall shes a very good hero.


Grimble’s special does damage so yes, she will dodge it & I assume the minion will not be removed if the dodge is successful.