ℹ Costumed Drake Fong – 5* Holy/ Yellow - August 2018 HotM Costume

Very often, almost always when it’s a revenge attack.

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Just pulled C Drake Fong. Im thinking he will be good on defence. Who does he pair best with?

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His family? Doesn´t seem to be a hero for lots of synergies, pretty straight forwards: Damage, decent stats and blind to annoy the attacker.

On offense you can bring the Monk version down to 6 tiles of course, so there you need a bard.


Not the best trendy yellow card, but I am happy lol :smile: :joy::joy::joy:


got him aswell, but not pophit

How much +(mana)% do you need to bring down a tile? I can count 14% with the things you mentioned.

Same as everybody else, you need 15% for 7 tiles and 34% for 6 tiles.

So for 6 tiles:
5% Bard, 5% Costume, 20% troop and 4% Monk/Druid/Sorcerer class talent

Is this for fast heroes?

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Yes. You know there are the mana tables around here on the forum and everywhere else. you can look up all the percentages for all the breakpoints for all the mana speeds.

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Yeah, I’ll have too… seems like since I switched to legendary troops some of my big guns suffered by slowing down and now my defence is not impressive as it used to be