ℹ Costumed Athena – 5* Ice/Blue - Jul 2017 HotM Costume

I don’t get it

Her costume seems significantly… Worse [to me]

  1. Less SS damage
  2. No extra damage vs fire
  3. Defense down lasts three turns vs four
  4. Barbarian class vs ranger (so no pierce)
  5. & The worst EDD in the game, that not only works on purely fire heroes, as well as only lasting three turns vs most do at four, but also is 20% less than next lowest

So umm, idk, guess I don’t get all the hype? Sure, a great hero if you didn’t already have Athena prior, but if ya did, she’s a clear down-grade…

You’ll still need Frida/Arthur/Nordri to put out the highest scores [in ice], (so doesn’t even save a slot, which kinda seems like her #1 purpose was supposed to be)

Oh well, a stat boost is a stat boost, I guess… (and being able to swap the art is something I spose too). So shouldn’t be entirely bummed I pulled her, but… sigh definitely the worst HOTM costume [to date].

She sure is cute tho :kissing_heart: