🔱 Costumed Ariel – 5* Ice / Blue Costume from Season 2

Lol @Star150m do you want to respond to this (I disagree with the above, and I think the reason is obvious but I’ll let you do this)

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even using rainbow of 5*, tile damage will be enough and you add on that the fact each special skill can wipe out an entire wave.

the faster they are the faster the farm is (overall). it makes a difference in the long run.

try different teams and see

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Since cAriel does overheal, should I focus on defense or hp?

So 1. Def, hp, atk
Or 2. Hp, def, atk

And please do motivate your answer if you want.

Focus on defence, high defence makes bigger diffeence than high hp (if hp is higher than 1000 I think so in most cases) because of how damage is calculated.

Thanks, I have always preferred defense over hp but since hp is there is a lot of DoT doers out there I don’t know which is best.

Thats good point, against DoT hp is better than def but I would still go for defence because its better against everything else.

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If you have cAriel in your team, it’s important to focus on both defense and HP to maximize her overhealing potential.

Just pulled her. I was leveling LordLoki, and now have to figure out whether to switch… As I have c2-Kiril and overhealers are about to be gutted with Waqas and Fura doing a few thousand damage to your team, maybe finish Loki, I guess.

She’s still a fantastic offensive healer. There won’t be many Waqas, Fura, Almur, Morax, etc on defense. Use the regular version on your defense if needed.

Yes the reduce health heroes will be a counter to her, but also keep in mind, Ariel will be a counter to them. Boosted health can restore reduced health. Regular healing cannot.

She’s certainly going to get leveled. Just going to do Loki first, I think.

I have a soft spot in my heart for Ariel and have been really wanting the costume since it came out. Finally lander her today! Super happy with getting her but don’t know if her costume will make it off the bench with all the other great healers they have released this year.


Yeah c Ariel is really good, I use her all the time on my event farm team :blush: except I didn’t use her on todays goblin event for obvious reasons :joy:

Her stats are still very low even after max emblem, limit breaking, and the recent buff…

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Pulled her today and it was like “OMG finally!!” Now that the euphoria is gone I wonder if I should stop using Raffaele and put this lady as my blue main healer.

Last month I got Rumple who has some random overheal too.

Let’s see what happens.


Congrats :+1:

My first ever 5* healer was Raffaele. I used him till I got Ariel, now I use her all the time on one of my war teams. She’s great!

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Of course! But watch out for heroes that deal additional dmg to heroes with boosted hp.

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Is she still worth the mats? Pulled her & a 2nd Milena.

She’ll need the alpha aethers but yes, still very useful