🔱 Costumed Ariel – 5* Ice / Blue Costume from Season 2

Check out that Mana Stack though!! Maybe inari makes this too passive w Lizzie girl the only active pure damage dealer (plus inari minimal damage) but I wanted to see if the mana stacked. 1) sif, 2) Ludwig, 3) Ariel 4) inari minions LOL. Hmmmm could be interesting as a defense but maybe switch out inari for Cristobal and switch Cristobal and Lizzie.

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Heh, well that’s great for folks who already have, say, an overhealer for every war team, but for us mere mortals who have Grevle at best, she’d be a pretty big deal…

Except of course for those of us who are big enough to have finished Season 2 but small enough that we don’t already have much in the way of overhealing.

Heck, I’d love to “only” even have regular Ariel, but with Atlantis coins few and far between, she’s exceedingly unlikely to happen, ever, without opening my wallet (and even then).

As good as regular Ariel is, I’m not sure why her costume needed to be what looks like an upgrade (at least to anyone not already awash in overhealing) :man_shrugging:

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I agree with you, totally. Fairly new players would benefit greatly if they pull her. But they do this trick with costumes (instead of just buffing older heros) to make them wanted and desirable for us too - people who already did a fair share of Atlantis pulls to get those.

Well, I just say nice try! :+1::rofl:

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Wouldn’t Costume Ariel use the same emblems as Non-costume Ariel – Cleric?

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Yeah, you can only emblem the original hero, with Cleric emblems.
So this question is not fully valid there.

I think maybe all costume related topic what I have created share the same “issue”.

Do you want me to revisit all, and fix all ?
Or is it enough if I just make sure to not add the same flaw next time ?
Or is it good as it is ?

Ps: (it is clarified in the polls:)

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I wouldn’t worry about past posts.


I pulled her today. She changed my account. As Slobix said above for new players shes beasty. I was using Grevle everywhere, now i have overheal in a 5 star hero. I can’t wait to get the last warm cape i need to max her.


I got her costumed, LB with 20 emblems at 955D and 1613HP.
Add a 23level 4* mana troop and another 5% Defense family bonus for pairing with Ursena and she starts the battle at 1162D :joy:

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