🕵 Costumed Aouda – S4 Costume – 5* Holy / Yellow Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

I don’t have Octros or Elizabeth, so was just doing a few random single pulls, not those 50 or 100 pulls kind of chasing.

Pulled this lady on the 4th pull.

She looks kind of useless in today’s game environment.

So don’t know if I should feel happy or sad.

In this from she it’s usles in any meta not only on this, I also got her in my 4th pool and I can tell you that I am not happy with this pool.

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She wasn’t very good when she was released either… In retrospect… I probably should have leveled c1 Joon and sent her to the glue factory.

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Of course I pulled her from coins. She will go into SE this month end.

None of the featured for this month is worth pulling honestly

You know, I’m wondering how many folks have snipers that can regularly and reliably do over 1200hp of damage in a single strike.

I’m sure some people must, say, with really recent snipers.

But for anyone who doesn’t have snipers who can regularly dish out that in one shot — boosted health isn’t exactly uncommon to face. Sure, cAouda is a lot weaker once all foes are <=100% hp, but for the proles who are sick and tired of “lol everyone has double hp” teams, cAouda might at least help crack the overhealer and turn things around.

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