Costumed Amoenna and Costumed Sabina healing effect (bug)?

Ok, how to explain…

Say you have fired Costumed Amoenna in her Ghost Form, and her healing is up on her allies.

Say you then fire Costumed Sabina. I have then noticed, that Sabina´s healing over time does not overwrite Amoenna´s. Is that the intention? Or is it Amoenna´s healing staying up, because it´s undispellable as long as she is in Ghost Form?

I´m not quite up to date with which spell overwrite which. I thought it was all about which one was more powerful.

Thank you for elaborating :blush:

I think they are considered different buffs and this is the reason why both can work at the same time.
But its kinda weird since HoT and boosted HoT can’t work at the same time.

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I would say that Amoenna’s healing is considered undispellable while in ghost form. Just like you can’t overwrite undispellable def down with a regular def up, but need an undispellabel def up to overwrite. But in this case I would think the ghost form type buffs can’t be dispelled, even with Guardian Gazelle or Snow White, but maybe someone has seen otherwise.


Oh, I see, thank you both for clarifying, that makes sense. Learning new things every day!