🔱 Costumed Ameonna – 4* Dark / Purple Costume from Season 2

Don’t put her next to costume boldtusk. That heavy bullish chef might create some serious gusts of wind

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@Homaclese i saw you are using her on your alt.
Would you recommend her for wars on top200?

Fast def buff looks like something that might be helpfull against hyper aggressive decks. Its just… she is sooooo squishy.

2LB is defense up so going to help a lot getting that critical first cast off on attack


Still one of my favourite heroes who goes on about 75% of my raids on my ftp account. That undispellable defense up is gold. And of course the ghoat mode that can win from unwinmable positions


Does it block against even DDs that are undispellable?
I would like two of them. Two of them on the flanks will limit a lot of damage and healing potential from aramis

Undispellable dds overwrite her du but her du also overwrites undispellable dds… its all a timing thing

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Seems that your hero placement was why this team gave you quite a hard time. C ammeona is not good next to Loki as his copied support couldn’t be given to her. I imagine if c viv and c ammeona swapped places this match would be way easier for you.
But oh yeah, there is khufu, so I think what you’re trying to do is minimize his chain damage by putting ammeona in the middle. Maybe swap gorilla and c viv?

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To be honest I usually run 2 configs, and they just involve swapping out C Ameonna for C Sabina when I need a dispeller. Meant to go in with C Sabina… forgot… got stuck with C Ameonna in the 2nd Loki spot which as you pointed out was a bit of a waste. She ended up saving my bacon though so…

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