ℹ Costumed Alberich – 5* Nature/Green - Oct 2017 HotM Costume

it doesnt, but you can use normal alberich mana gain every round and Yunan mana gen bonus together, + if you are able to activate alberich family bonus… those all stack


I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m actually hoping to chase for thoth-amun. Thoth of all heroes. That +10% mana gen element link from thoth, with my c Alby, and they’re both 2017 family which gives extra 10% mana gen, which is 20% already. Then C Alby gives a further 38% mana gen. That’s freaking 58% mana gen when it’s all set up. This is crazy


Alberich is better with costume defence or not;

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If you put alberich limit break with costume

Is Alby the first slow hero that can be made average at the start of the match: ignoring Professor?

You need 34% mana gen to get him to 9 tiles.

He can get +15% from mana troops, +15% from pairing with 2 other 2017 hotms and +4% from druid talents and another 1%?? from costume. (35% total)

It seems this is quite impractical though. As you would need to pair him wil Hel (fine) and then Athena maybe? And there’s no workaround for at least that, but something to ponder for those players with everything. The only thing you could do is costume and a lower level troop (23 vs 29).

I’m with you on offense. Yet, I think that by changing his class to cleric, the costume will be even better in rush attack defense since he has a chance of resisting mana control.

10 tiles w/ a level 17 mana troop. Ariel is giving him the sideeye. :smirk:

Yes he can charge with 9 tiles but you need to bring 3 colors and you need that hel and athena on your roster

Isn’t average 10 tiles? And from slow to average (12 tiles to 10 tiles) is 20% mana needed? Just making sure the mana charts I’m reading are correct. Was thinking of just using costume alby and hel to move them to average and fast speeds

10 tiles is the default average speed, but if you can get it to 9 tiles you may as well try as you can get it in 3 matches more consistently.

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I absolutely love him
With just a litle bit of luck he can reverse the situation totaly :heart::heart::heart:

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It’s my impression…or that reviving chance at 38% is more than it seems? It’s my impression…or that 38% boost of mana regen (+10% from 2017 family bonus+mana troops) gives back to you an average reviver/mana booster? It’s my impression…or c-Alby is…impressive?:grin::grin::grin:

I’ve put mine on defense, wondering how he’ll do. 38% mana boost on VF wars has chance to be incredibly obnoxious. Add 38% chance to revive and heal after revival and he matches or even surpasses MN. Now combine with Alfrike tank. Yay.

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Did the same with mine :wink:

If somebody is wondering how LB Alby looks like…(full def path, classic cleric).


Pair him with Heimdall, double the obnoxious factor. Not only would there be 2 v fast resurrectors, but heim gets alby’s e-link of 15% attack and defence. Incredibly difficult to kill. Add in Zenobia to weaken enemy red tiles, and now you can’t even touch them with a red stack

Just curious, does anyone know how many tiles a moderate amount of mana is?
I was thinking about putting CB Alby and C Yunan around Ludwig with Onyx and Garjammal filling out the roster for raids to make a green 3-stack team.

Minor update, I’m flanking Ludwig with CB Alby and C Yunan and the synergy in mana gain is amazing. Using Onyx and Bera to fill out purples on the team and haven’t lost a match with that combo yet.

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So I’m curious, I picked up Alby today and at first I kind of overlooked his card. I’m feeding mother north so I just didn’t even consider him. Anyway, I looked at the card and saw 38% mana gen and I perked up a bit. So I’m curious, say you have his mana gen w costume bonus 39%, then you equip a level 30 magic troop that adds 20%, let’s toss in an elemental link with 10% mana gen.

Could someone tell me how 69% mana gen would effect all heroes in the game as far as speed/tile reduction? I see the charts but they clearly stop at a certain point. I am also not great at understand mana or I would try to solve this myself. Any help would be appreciated!

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He can be practically fast with new mana troops on offense, making him fastest reviver in game

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