ℹ Costumed Alasie – 5* Ice/Blue - May 2018 HOTM Costume

I have every one of the heros pictured. I have (c)alasie and a dupe of her. I put her in my defense and tbh my team did better with morel, just had better synergies. Alasie is popular not op. This isn’t high school so we dont have to hate on a member of the prom court. Btw it’s ok to skip a raid if you aren’t comfortable with the opposing team.


As long as you cannot see their defence winrate data compared to other heroes, as long as you don’t see their offensive winrates how could you come to the conclusion that both are too strong?

Being overused is not an argument for SGG it only is if overused combines with significant higher winrates then other heroes. I doubt that its the case for the mentioned heroes.

I dunno. I’ve made no affirmation. I’ve said twice I’m not asking fora nerf. All I’ve wanted to say is balancing metrics and reasons aren’t and never were clear.


Nope, no problem here right? When entire alliances use two costume alasies, when defenses use three?

You literally can’t beat this team unless you go mono and instantly get tiles before xnolphod goes off. You can’t stop the mana debuff, can’t stop the mana loss, can’t stop it with taunt, can’t stop it with an ailment block. You have the opening board to win with or you eat three x 750 damage + 3* 375 damage on two plus the dispel and 320ish % to all. I never once got enough tiles with my second and third mono attacks so it’s an instant loss.

This hero needs a nerf. Badly. I’ll open a dedicated topic.

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So you are going against this team with only 1 yellow and 1 green and 3 of your heros are slow and you are waiting to beat??? Sorry but just I cannot do this :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I knew there would be people like you trying to ridicule whatever team I bring, whether it’s mono yellow or any other combination. You have no real argument, so you try to play it ad hominem. Sad.

PS you do realize lidenbrock isn’t slow due to her starting mana, xnolphod boosts ludwig to fast, and ludwig boosts both heroes next to him to fire 3 times in 5 rounds? Of course not. You only understand going mono, and even that will fail against his team if you don’t instantly get 9 tiles before xnolphod goes off. Even if you kill him, you need your specials charged before the alasies go off. But hey, keep saying I have no clue what I’m doing. That’s easier than refuting the point that C. Alasie is overpowered and needs a nerf.

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I’m sorry but he’s right. You can’t expect to defeat this team with rainbow team. There is no logic.


Even with mono yellow you can’t win unless you get three matches. I killed xnolphod but only got two yellow matches with my top of the line mono yellow team, but didn’t get a third, and then you lose just the same. You are focusing on the wrong thing. The ONLY way to win is to go mono and instantly get three matches, so your specials can win. The problem isn’t what you bring, the problem is C. Alasie at fast speed taking to three mana and applying mana debuff to three. It’s unbalanced.

The fact that teams are using multiples of her, even entire alliances in war, proves my point. No hero should be in a defense team three times over. It means there is a serious balance issue with that hero.

Everything it’s in synergy and in this team you don’t have it, even you didn’t stack against the tank or against the 3 blue in his team, sorry if I was rude really first from all you don’t use the right colors in your team but you want this hero to be nerfed.

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It doesn’t have to be mono. You can bring 3-2. 3 heavy yellow hitters and 2 greens. You have big roster probably. I would bring Jackal, Joon and i don’t know, lets say Leonidas. 2 Greens - healer and buffer or def down.
I could beat this team with 4*. :smiley:

I am raiding everything with team, no matter alasie or Xnophold or whatever, what I said, synergy it’s matter, if I need minion remover I put grimble, if I need something else I will change another hero from just for synergy.

Yes, I agree. 3-2 is the balance beetwen synergy and strong tiles. That’s just the matter of style. I always go with 3 strong colors and 2 support heroes because i’m F2p and i don’t have a big roster. If i had your heroes i would play like that. :slight_smile:

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Sure Xnolophod boosts Ludwig, but you’re taking a weak colour directly at some who can slow down the mana from purple tiles, plus 3 mana cutters who can also slow your mana. I don’t know what outcome you were expecting.


With my roster i would go something like this: Mist/Melendor/Jackal/Buddy/Joon :smiley:

So you have 3 blue heroes to go on and you go with hmm rainbow? Why, just why. Better go 3-2 green holy. It looks like you just want to make her look OP. Alasie is strong but not OP, stop complaining about her.

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You complane about not having the time to play the Board and you go in there with three slow heroes?

And even worse, your only real hitter there is congalach… You have to play the long game but you go up against a team that absolutely wont allow that…

You even bring two dark heroes against a strong dark tank and a yellow hero with no tile dmg…

I absolutely agree, that Alasi c. Is really strong and pretty common in defs now adays. but I dont think she needs a nerf.

But i think you ether took a very bad team to make her look even stronger or you have a very small roaster and simply took your strongest heroes with the most emblems and limit break and are conviced, If this isnt enough, the Hero needs a nerf, or you are simply not a very good player.

In the last case, i’d say, watch some YouTube Videos about Team synergies and tile play. This will Help you a lot and with the right synergies you can bring a few good 4* top.

you just roll it. find another. easy isn’t it? play according to your ability. in war you also don’t play in top 10 alliances. so you won’t often meet defense like that.
please. Let the lucky f2p or c2p friends get this card to be happy. Don’t destroy it because you don’t have the card. envy is not good mate.
not because you can’t beat them. you ask for nerf.
he’s Quiin the guy who spends $30,000 every month playing this game. let him (quiin) play with their classmate.

look at the hero he brought. everything is slow. there are 3 mana reduction heroes. what does he expect?
just hope the board is really good. 9 purple boards so Xno and ludwig can cast skills?
come on buddy. go see youtube rich players playing in top 10 alliances. they always bring a hero with 7 boards issuing skills and can already kill 3 enemy heroes.
if you are not at their level. please don’t force it. just accept the fact we are not as rich as them. envy is not good mate

My alliance uses blue tank. What about using C. Alasie as tank?

With the shield path and limit breakers she arrives at 910, plus the10% 2018 heroes’ bonus… It’s a 1000 shield… Correct?

Fast, mana down, mana speed down to 3… What do you think about?

Very workable at tank