ℹ Costumed Alasie – 5* Ice/Blue - May 2018 HOTM Costume

Hmm interesting, I was wondering whether the 10% bonus def (from HOTM families) from HOTM costumes were included in the stats shown on the card but looks like it isn’t?

A note for SG or whoever that could bring that up to the developers - I’d think it’ll be a good idea to include those bonuses and show them on the card (just like how the S1 costumes stats are shown on the card itself). This would certainly make things so much easier to work with.

The bonus isn’t factored in until the match starts. If you click on the hero at the beginning of the match you can see the bonus. It is calculated from the base stat which includes troops and emblems.


Can’t wait to see her in action in raids or YouTube! Chasing Athena I ended up with a pair of Alasie’s C but no mats yet. Hoping for no ahem rebalancing

Found her in the wild. Truly some of the best stats in the game.


Which path would you or did you go? Can someone post the emblem path and final stats please?

I followed the sword. Great hero :slight_smile:


And full def path? Not an option?

She gets an automatic 10% defense buff for her HOTM family…she is really sturdy by herself. With two other 2018 heroes she gets 20% defense extra. No need to go defense path with her. The one just above has 79 extra defense than the card shows if she’s by herself with no other family members. That’s 869 defense!

Edit: actually I THINK it applies after any troop bonuses so it’s even more defense.


If you use pengi with minion summoners Pengi is about the best around…Alasie is amazing but Pengi used right is top tier for sure.

So actually she gets additional 13% def up? 10% hotm bonus plus 3% costum bonus?

The costume bonus is already factored into the stats you see on her card. So you would just add 10% to that.

But the card says hotm bonus plus 10% and seperatly costume bonus plus 3%, so it should be plus 13% or not?

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The costume bonus is already applied to the base hero stats.
So without it the defense would be only about 965 instead of 994.

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Ok i got it, thank you :+1: well i’m fine with the 1093 def stat :upside_down_face:

It’s always when you least expect it. Lol


Alasie’s original and costume artwork:

Alasie’s stats at 3.70 (without any Costume Bonus):

I think @Pike would like that Power of tripe 6. :crazy_face:


Yes of course! But 666 is the number of… :thinking: or… :smiling_imp:
Please move on, there’s nothing to see here!

BTW, I was thinking of taking her from SoEx. But the decision fell on Ursena.


Global warming will result in her shedding some of her outerwear.


Finally got the one I wanted


Happy to join the party! Was hoping for Athena but she looks so warm gg