Costume Yunan

Should have poison DOT to stack. Wished C Domitia poisons and dispels at the same time. Costume Roc with burn damage next year please

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Maybe o get Domitia costume next week. Roc with burn damage would be nice as well :slight_smile:

My green mana troop is lacking at lv 17 so it won’t be much help. Right now I have C. Magni maxed out on fighter emblems with 907 left over.

Mana troop level 17 is ok. It is tile break for slow hero without costume/mana bonus from emblem. :wink:

For me, it is not easy answer whether to recommend maxing C. Yunan. Since you do have both Telly, and Horghall maxed.

I assume you do not have a costume for Horghall (since not mentioned)…

Only if you are really competitive in war, and a don’t spend much on game, I’d personally vote to max C. Yunan, since you currently have 12 tonics.

Since my replies to your thread, I have been using my C. Yunan + a Lianna (no costume), as the ‘2’ in 3-2 raids. I find it’s a good combo for me. :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is what a done cYunan with Defence Emblem path looks like. Add 15% defence from troop and another 20% defense from family bonus and he’ll start with 1346 defence.

I also got the costume during last Event and was willing to give him tonics for roster depth, but HA10 gave me C. Lianna and I can’t pass that, so next set of tonics is hers. Yunan gets the next if I don’t come across something better again.

That being said, I think Yunan CB and C. Yunan have the potential to age nicely. Uncostumed version prevents healing, which synergizes well with fiends. The costume boosts mana regen, and is one of several recent heroes that are being designed around mana regen buffing/debuffing, so maybe more synergies might come.

I hope we can see a revival of this Mitch Buchannon chess piece.

He unfortunately sees a hard counter already against the new hotm chakkozsrot. This injustice is too much

My team was horribly massacred by a costumed Yunan yesterday. He deserves to be lizard food.

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But that fast? It’s one of the fastest counters one hero ever has.

The ways of Small Giant are mysterious.

Sometimes they even bring out the counter first, and everyone wonders what’s the point for a few months until a new bada$$ comes to town and then the niche opens up. I might mention Grimble, although there were minion makers around when he came out, just not enough to justify his place. Zulag predated double formations and increased incidence of sand damage. I expect others can think of better examples.

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