Costume x Legends

Hello! My English is rusty, feel free to correct me… I have 3k gems, is it worth spending more on summoning costumes or legends?

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My personal opinion:

Costume Chamber >>>>>>>>>>>> Tavern of Legends…

The chances of getting something “useful” are better (statistically)… Add to this that any costume you get (even 3 & 4* ones) will improve ALL the copies of that hero in your roster and it becomes even more great comparatively.

Good luck.

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Tough call Legends have the worst odds of all portals; costumes gives classics with a twist with 60% more levelling to use the bonus (if you get a brand new classic)…I would save for Valhalla the 4* heroes are some of the best in the game so you have greater chance of getting usable heroes when you look at odds for both 4* and 5* heroes.

As a F2P, I don’t expect to use gems on the Tavern of Legends until they do something about it (if that ever happens). Costumes, no doubts, because of better chances to get something good.

For me ToL was my luckiest event in long time regarding pulls and only did that last day offer with 30 coins. In two events pulled Gravemaker, Onatel, Alasie and Toth plus Raffaele as HOTM none of this heroes I had before.

Tried to pull this costume event with over 70 pulls and nothing useful only Zocc and Horghall.

Check my YouTube channel as reference.

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Respectfully though, those pulls are extremely fortunate, and the Tavern is a complete rip off

Unless you’re end game and have all the useful stuff from other portals, run a mile from the Tavern, just a beer will cost you forty bucks in that place

Costume event all the way, unless you have most of 4* for which the costume pulls are the best imho.

For Tavern of Legends it is somewhat okay to get the $30 offer for spenders, as it has best cost-to-pull ratio (not so much non-S1-5*-pull), and only if one would be happy with any HotM (as going after specific HotM has little chance of success) but using gems there is not a good idea. Save your gems for other events.

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