Costume summon wiped out maxed hero

This is my first time doing the costume summon and it pulled Bane. The tutorial showed me how to apply the costume and when I went back into my heroes it had applied it to my fully ascended Bane. I hit the tab to remove it and it wiped out Bane to level 1. I double checked my roster several times and closed out the app and sure enough my original maxed Bane is no longer there. What’s crazy is it is still showing him in the power lineup like he’s still maxed

It is not wiped, it is just switched. You can switch him back in any time using buttons under hero roster card.

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To add to what @rilian said:

Costumes work like this:

You level up the original hero and the “costumed hero” separately.

Both start a 1/1 before any leveling up is done. You can level up the costume version before the regular version either.

Once one side is leveled, the other side levels up quicker… so your Bane who was already 3/50 , his costume will level up a bit faster :slight_smile:

As noted, ya can switch back to 3/50 Og bane while working on leveling up his costume


I went back in and switched him but he remains at a level 1 every time I exit out of his screen. Will I need to check him anytime he is being used in a tournament or other setting where 3*s are needed?

How costume works,…
Please see here FAQ.
Hero Costume FAQs! Please read for answers to most questions before posting new questions

You have 2x Bane, make sure you switch the correct Bane, hints: see the Power.

Not anymore, since last update costume hero can switch on-off even it is locked in the turney or war defense, the defense has no change.

I had the same thing happen with Bane and Joon today. Bane was totally leveled. After I got the costume, The costume was at zero, but so was Og Bane. I don’t have two Banes anymore, just the totally un-leveled one. The same thing happened to Joon. The only difference is that Joon was not ascended past lvl 70. He’s back to being totally I leveled too.

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I recommend showing a video, because I suspect you’re still seeing the costume version in the lineup.

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