Costume Summon missing heroes

In this morning when i start to play the game in the Costume Summon are missing heroes, I don’t have Leonidas, Grimm, Sabrina and others, but i all ready extract 3 times.
This is not write for me and i want my keys back.

Not 100% sure why you want your keys back as those heroes are all available in the summons portal now. The chamber now contains every S1 hero and costume but the odds of summoning a specific hero are miniscule and you are unlikely to get what you want.

No bug here

Because when i extract in the morning, heroes like Leonidas Grimm and others don’t was there, in this case i don’t have the chance to get him.
I extract 3 times, before to extract i look what new costume are there, and Leonidas Grimm Sabrina and others don’t was there. 10 o’clock i look again and i see new costume. That way is not fair for me.

Are you saying you don’t see these Costumes when you scroll through the Portal?

Yes, now i see but in the morning the hero don’t was

All costumes went live at the same time.

But feel free to file an actual support ticket. There’s nothing anyone on this forum can do.

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