Costume store

I think the costume conditions need to be changed a little. Why not to make them for 4-5 star heroes only? The event is very seldom and you can’t get many keys. So getting 3 star heroes costumes is very frustrating especially when you got them already during previous event.

The same has been said of every other summon gate, especially Atlantis

It’s probably not going to change, I’m afraid :man_shrugging:t3:


Yeah I feel the same or at least be able to sell the costumes that we’ve got a lot of for gems or food and iron, I’ve got the same costume 7 times now and it’s for a hero I don’t have.

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I like it on the 3* heroes. They are even better now for tournaments and events.
Bane, Tyrum, Gunnar and Haekmoon are examples of this.

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Do not summon until more costumes willl be released.

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Duh dude you get the hero with the costume and incase u fed your heros you can always feed your costume to other costumes that you are leveling up
You guys just getting greedy and want all the five stars this game wouldn’t be fun if we always got a five star

I still dont have half the current costumes!! :rofl:

I wouldnt mind trading in a couple brienne costumes for a sonya or gandalf though

Feed the costumes to themselves, you only need one of each and they level lightning fast when cannibalized.

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my wife doesnt let me hoard useless things at home, I sure as heck will not be stopped from hoarding useless things in this game. :smiley:

also, I find that 3 and 4* heroes or costumes can be leveled extremely quickly if there is ever a hurry. I’ve been growing a stockpile of uncollected heroes from my training camps for the next must-max hero.

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Fair enough, but in case you didn’t realize: 1 costume fed to another costume covers the entire first ascension. 2 will cover the second. And it’s the same food as 1 feeder hero. They level each other insanely fast & cheap - if you get to the place where you do want to speed level one, you could do it in minutes and very little food with your dupe costumes. Maybe just an idea to put in your pocket if you need it :+1:

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That’s not possible unless you pulled all 7 with the very first Costume portal. After the first one, they changed it so you get hero AND costume together

Oh thank you, I don’t know how I missed that. That’s so much better.

Yeah. 3x Bane and Brienne.

We can get Atlantis tokens while playing stages but with the costume keys it’s different.

They are released. At least according to the summon gate.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get a 4 or 5 star hero with a costume? Just asking. :wink:

If you’re lucky enough to pull the 4* or 5* costume, you get the hero too

Got Bane the first time, (already had one from previous chamber event) I was like :expressionless::persevere:. Used 350 Gems, got a 4*! :grin:


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