Costume special skills are stuck unless you ascend to final level - intended?

It appears that, unlike regular 5* heroes, it is currently not possible to continue to level the special skill of a costume past max level for each chevron. If you want to continue to “level up” you must ascend.

For example, my Richard (non-costume) is currently at 3/70 with a maxed special skill at 8. My Richard Costume is also at 3/70, but the special skill is stuck at 6 and I cannot level it any further.

This seems like an issue/oversight to me. Is there some reason why costume special skills cannot be leveled to max without ascending to 4 unlike regular heroes? I want to save my ascension materials for other blues, and I’m perfectly happy to let Richard sit at 3/70. But why can’t I keep feeding him until the special skill is 8 like normal? This is just especially brutal for 5* heroes, because the ascension materials are notoriously scarce, so why not just let us continue to level the special at least?

Yes intended…

It’s the same as for any other hero that you level up…

If you level a 4* hero to 3-60 but don’t have the materials / dont want to use the materials to ascend them but their Special Skill is only at 6/8 it is stuck then too.


Here are two of mine:

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[removed because I take too long to articulate my thoughts in a manner that is not condescending but is also truly representative of the absurdly long run-on sentences and opinions I traditionally generate which gave Guvnor ample time to succinctly answer the question]


Yes intended…

It’s the same as for any other hero that you level up…

It’s not though, not for 5* heroes. If you level a 5* hero up to 3/70, but their special is not maxed, you can continue to feed them (at an increased rate of return even!) in order to increase their special skill. I have done it numerous times.

I wasn’t aware that wasn’t the case for 4* heroes honestly, because I’ve never not done their final ascension… but with 5* heroes you are supposed to be able to continue to max their special at 3/70.

Since the final ascension of 5* costumes is dependent on the final ascension of the base hero, shouldn’t it follow the same rules?

Uh. No… You can’t…

The only time you can feed them without giving the experience is when they are MAX LEVELED and the special isn’t at 8/8…

So for a 5* that is at 4/80
4* it’s at 4/70
3* it’s at 3/50 etc…

So yes… It should and does follow the same rules…

That is not possible sorry, you must be confusing with some other thing.

Costumes have that problem, max too soon, before the skills do.

Aside from that, I am curious what heroes you have to let richie sit at 3/70 when you already got his costume.

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