Costume special skill won’t level

The hero is costume Brienne. Costume level is 3-50. Special skill is 5/8. But it doesn’t increase despite throwing 100% feed at it. So having wasted a lot of mats already I won’t be trying to increase the skill until someone can confirm the mechanics.

Does the underlying hero also have to be fully maxed and skilled first? Normal Brienne is only 3-1 and 5/8.

I dont BELIEVE so… As I understand, the Costume Special Skill level-up acts as a normal hero special skill does…

That being when the levels are done but the Special Skill needs more levels, you get a 5x multiplier on normal percentages.

Do you have any screenshots? Or better, a video?


What I am seeing with my Melandor, is the costume fully leveled gives my normal Mel a boost in stats, however when I equip his costume I only have the Gandalf Mel partially leveled and his skill is 4/8 and has been increasing as normal. I suspect you need to level the actual hero in costume and max the special skill with a fully leveled costume to see the whole bonus. I have had no troubles leveling Gandalf and seeing his special increase incrementally.

No, I made a mistake. The skill only levels if you have 100 percent. 10 same color commons or 5 uncommon. 95 doesnt cut it. i’ve tried several times. 70 , 80 - statistically highly improbable - so the game needs to change or just be up front about it. It isnt fair to waste troops this way. Just say only 100 will do

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