Costume special skill levels too slowly

Since costumes level up faster, there are issues with the special skill leveling too slowly.

Please adjust the costume special skill level up chance rate to match the rate of levelling. Thank you!!


I’ve been leveling 3* costumes with mono color (same element) feeders, and all of them are so slow by the time it’s close to full level, most of them are still around 4/8 or 5/8 special skills…

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Since you can continue to feed after maxed to get the special skill maxed I don’t think they’ll adjust this. Even regular 3 heroes can be problematic frtting the special maxed before the hero is maxed because of how quickly they level


After the hero level is maxed and the skill not max it is easy to raise the skill level. All chances are quintripled. Feed the hero with five 2* on-color or 10 1* on-color feeders and the skill level is guaranteed.

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Yep thats it.
I also have some regular 3* and costumes with skills not maxed. Someday in the future when I am bored I will feed them to 8/8

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Yeah…everyone has to keep doing this. Keep overfeeding these 3* til it finally levels.

Yup SGG may never fix it, wish they would… thus the post.

I had the same problem with costume Boril, the costume was fully leveled up, but his special was at 7/8. I ran into this problem using the extra costumes it gives a lot of xp but the special skill doesn’t level up fast enough.

I don’t think it’s a bug or the devs need to fix it. Statistically you have a good chance when feeding a hero with 1*/2* on-color feeders the hero level and skill level reach max at the same time.
The mismatch occurs when you feed it too fast with trainers, off-color feeder, costumes etc. Then you need to fix the skill level at the end.
I always bring the skill level 8/8 before I go to another new hero. The game seems to punish non-optimal heroes. They lack in performance, targetted more by the ai, die faster etc.

This is deliberate to sell 3* / 4* ascension items.

Devs could have programmed in a multiplier for the +skill roll in addition to the Costume XP.

([Suggestion] Restore Costume XP to original amount and increase Costume +skill rolls by 2.5x)

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And for 4 stars and costumes:

Bring the special to 8/8 otherwise your costume bonus will not be maxed and you lose 4% life, 2% mana/attack/defense

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I have been feeding only same color. And it keeps happening with 3* a lot, 4* a little.

They increased XP for costume levelling, but didn’t adjust the rate for leveling specials. That makes no sense, they should increase the percentage to level up specials.

I just went through an extra 60 feeders (mono color) to finish leveling my 3* Special skill.

Well said in your post.

I am late to this conversation since this is my first significant costume pull.

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This is a problem with 4* as well. I like having 50% XP bonus for color matching instead of the 20% for uncostumed leveling. The bonus becomes more significant if 2* or higher level feeders are used. What this means in practice is that we have a choice. We can either restrict the costume to a diet of matching 1* and stand a decent chance that the skill can max before the XP, or we can mix in some 2* and burn feeders after maxing the XP. It’s also disappointing that feeding a Li Xiu to a Li Xiu costume was only worth 40% after the XP max. Even if we don’t get the same XP to skill percent ratio, we should be able to expect a 4* costume fed a mix of 1* and 2* to level up the skill with the last ascension.

A bonus for using a matching hero would also help overcome this discrepancy, even if it’s only 20%. I run a pair of TC 20s, so I do have spare 4* heroes, but the only duplicate costume I’ve gotten is Brienne. We don’t tend to get duplicate costumes anywhere near as often as duplicate heroes. Also, we’re leveling the hero in the costume. I do plan to level both Melendors with their costume. The first one is complete and I’ve started the second.

I don’t know how 5* works in practice because I don’t have any 5* costumes yet.

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Or just get rid of this all together. Everyone maxes out their heroes eventually. They could easily just tie the power level ups to reaching halfway up the level or something.

I have two 5* heroes that I’m leveling at the same time (fire and holy). Same exact level but special skills are 7/8 and 4/8.

Why even have a percentage chance (each time it’s RNG determining?). just set milestones on levelling and when the hero hits that level, the skill levels up.

This random chance to level power special is useless to SG, annoying to players and eventually all leveled heroes reach 8/8 anyways. It’s basically a pointless pain for users that don’t benefit the gameplay (as far as I can see.)

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I can see that as beneficial for 3* because ascension materials are readily available, but having quintuple skill credit has helped a lot! Not all 4* or 5* ever get their full ascension. I generally start them out on a diet of color-matched 1*. When they get to a level where the ascension I plan to do are guaranteed to max the skills, I can feed them richer fare, including Trainer Heroes. Having the level randomized leads to the occasional delight when a baby hero skills up on several very early level-ups.

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