Costume same tune leveling broken

When you level up with two heroes the same, you normally get a 25% bonus to the special progression leveling.

When you actually level a costumed hero with an identical hero wearing the same costume, the bonus is not locked at 25% anymore, but 6% and that’s all you get. evidently I was obviously using 3-star heroes hence the 6% levelling bonus

At first I thought it was because my hero didn’t have the costume on and so I equipped it to check the bonus yet again and it remained at 6%

This is because you are leveling the costume. You get the big bump if you feed a duplicate costume.

Let me search for a reference. I’ll be back.

if you had read what I had typed, I had used the same hero, with the same costume and it was still only offering me a 6% increase on the special

Because you are using a hero, not a costume. Sounds like you have simply equipped a hero with the costume and then fed it. That’s not the same as feeding a costume.

Here’s the reference I promised.

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Here are some images to assist. This shows how to feed a duplicate costume.

![quote=“littleKAF, post:5, topic:205840, full:true”]
Here are some images to assist. This shows how to feed a duplicate costume.




You’re still on the “Hero” side of things to level up the “costume”

Note: Costumed hero ≠ Costume.

No bug, just the way it’s been designed.

Look at the screenshot I posted. Follow the arrow to where it says costume.

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