Costume Retrain (changer) needed!

Today I got Vivica costume. Should be very very happy indeed, yet smth else has allready happened …one year back! When the costume chamber first emerged, I got her costume (only that) for the first time. Took another 3 months (with may many summons…) in order to get Vivica (the hero) as well.
So, I am asking: can you build us a 5* costume retrain (costume changer) ?
(ofc this will have to take time and mats like the 5* hero retrain at the academy)

It is! Time and mats spent for costume retraining will stick you to the game longer.
Expecting smth makes you spent more (time, money…) to a ‘purpose’.

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Hey man, we have to keep on believing!
(that’s why you are still here stalking about it!)

Costume Changer may and Can be level 11 of Hero Academy! Will bring more fun and more expectations from a good game (that can be made greater).

I really can see that you are practical and hold on to the real (money) world. Yet… there some situations where every1 is happy :slight_smile: .
I think that many players would gladly give gems (about 100 sounds ok) and a weeks patience for a 5* costume change!

Also, build us a strip club. We got heros like Natalia that need another job because she’s a horrible hero.


I think it would be better if they went back & handed the original heroes to those who only drew the costumes in the old days. Drawing a 5* costume without the 5* to use it is severely lame. That’s just a sad story.

As for duplicate costumes, I’d be happy waiting to see what solution they eventually come up with for duplicate heroes in general. I think if they want to make something that adds value to duplicate costumes, it might as well be something that makes a use for all the game’s duplicate heroes in general.

Malicna is actually useful…the others not so much. They took away the healing wars for some reason right when I maxed my Morgan. Ridiculous. #bringhealingwarsback!

The dot and hot heroes really suffer in this meta of extreme speed and VF wars/tourneys.

Some1 deleted all his posts that I replied… orher guy dreams srrippers.loser heroes…

Anyway. all 5* material meaning heroes as well as costumes should be able to be retrained (with some gems and some Time ofc). Come on producers, you can offer a better deal for us all!.

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