Costume quintess worth materials?

Is leveling quintess worth the materials? Got 2 and he’s the only 5s I got with a costume. Worth blowing materials on him to get him to costume makes or save for someone else?

If you don’t have any dark legendaries and you have at least 12 tabards, then go ascend Quintus and his costume to gain the full costume bonus. Doing so, you can make him fire his skill almost the same with average hero by supporting him with a leveled mana troop.


Largely depends (as always) on:

  1. what other options you have
  2. how many tabards you have
  3. how you plan on using him / your current maxed 5s
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Thanks for the input.

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Here is the 5s people’s I have. Got time it fully ascend 4 start. 10 tabbards and probably just use him stacking yellow tanks and Titans. Use him in there event that you can only use 1 hero per hit.

Jesus Lord my swipe is trash. Need to proof read lol

Based on this information I would say “Yes; worth doing it”

Not sure what your sorcerer emblems are like but Quintus will give you a 5* Sorcerer Sink too :slight_smile:

If I strip Sabina, I’ll have 958 I could use on him

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With costume and lvl 23 mana troop takes to avrage speed.

Let me see if I have a 4s people Mana troop

This is my highest purple troop. Says 11 percent speed boost I think.

Dunno the maths through it haha. But nittylionroar says costume and 23 mana troop makes him average mana.
You pulling at atlantis or pritates that if said hero could change yall mind?

I stopped spending money in the game months ago, so I’ll do a pull here in there, but I’m def not doing any 10 pulls anytime soon and there is no one that I’m trying to gun for.

If you have nothing else to work on take to 3/70 see how it Goes, tabbard in pov that you prop complete an extra one.

Thanks for the input

From another thread:

Slow → Average Mana

Slow Mana (normally) = 12 tiles
Average Mana (normally) = 10 tiles

To go from 12 → 10 tiles needs a 20% Mana Boost.

To get this on Quintus you can either:

  • Level 29 Mana Troop + Costume Bonus = 15+5=20%
  • Level 23 Mana Troop + class node (node 20) + Costume Bonus = 13+4+5=22%
    (both monk & sorcerer class are node 20)
  • Level 23 Mana Troop + Costume Bonus + Elemental Link (Seshat) = 13+5+4=22%

For me it depends on how you use him.
He has great stats when emblemed - I have him at 4/80/19 and he is 903 attack/753 defense/1552 health
For 5* rush tourneys he is a no brainer
For titans he would be useful due to his high attack and attack debuff
For offense he is a regular in my mono stack, but I do have an AOE configuration where that works - C Rigard, C Tibs, Grimble, C Quintus and Proteus. After C Quintus fires 4th in row its the end of most of the opponents. It is a highly effective team and if grimble fires after Tel fires then Quintus fully charges allowing a single volley from everyone.

If you are not building an AOE team then he may not be the perfect fit

Which way should I go with his emblems? Almost finished with him. Should I go all defense to try and keep him alive as long as possible or go full on attack with him?

Personally I went full attack to give him over 900 Attack and a more devastating special and mono and titan stack. At 750+ defense and 1550+ HP (full attack path, 19 emblems) I think he has enough survivability and he usually makes it through to the end of a match

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Here is what he looks like. Defense, health, and attack. They all look good, but I’m digging that 1732 health.