Costume quest - no free costume summon

I had 6 costume keys but instead of offering free costume it consumed my 5 keys when costume quest event occurred this morning. I am duped me of my 5 costume keys.

If you mean that you have not received any costume after the summon, first check recent activity (Options, support, recent activity). If it does not show there than the only option you have is to contact support and open a ticket. Here on the forum we cannot check this or help you with that.

I did receive a costume but not a free one…

There is no such thing as a free costume.
You trade in the keys to use the summon portal.
The only other option you have is to use the gems you collected.
See it as ‘currency’ to start the portal. You need to grind to collect the keys or gems to be able to use the portal.

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I think this is related to the old “issue” - summon portals showing a “Free!” badge when you collect enough coins/keys to do a summon. There were complains about this the first time Atlantis came up cause it was different from the usual summon portal where you get a free summon everyday.

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I agree with you @suntanglory that the wording still is not very clear specially for new players.


Received 5 keys in a mail just now… I think Issue was these keys were not received in sync with the costume event arrival… I think this issue is resolved for me… Thanks

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