Costume Quest Frequency

Similar to @DaveCozy, I believe the costume quests should at least be bi-weekly or part of the rotation of normal quests.

There are a number of quests that are universally ignored by end-game and beginning players alike. Why keep these quests that serve no purpose while limiting a brand new feature that improves your gameplay? For example:

Find Battle Items:

  1. 3x Minor Healing Potion
  2. 3x Minor Mana Potion
  3. 3x Arrows

Seriously? These are items that a player in their first week can craft on their own; and get better returns on WE on the world map. The other candidates to remove/replace would be Scavenge Resources and Find Crafting Items, as once again, farming the map and raid/monster chests provide a better return on one’s WE.

You want to feature your new content. Make it more readily available and get rid of the noise that most players ignore anyways. What do you have to lose?

Aye, you have my vote.

At the very least they should consider adding the chance to get a HOTM to the portal. As I said in that post; at 300 gems per single pull, it’s the most expensive portal with no chance to get a HOTM

I can spend the same amount of gems elsewhere, and at least get a very small chance to get the HOTM.


Voted for the more frequent costume quests, but don’t take away Scavenge Resources. I like my silver token. :smile:

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Ditto, keep the scavenge quests, every silver token counts towards the 1500 summons mission in the logs, 50 Gems es muy importante for F2P.


There are multitudes of ways to get silver tokens (off the top of my head):

Raid Chest Rewards (free)
Monster Chest Rewards (free)
Titan Rewards (free)
Titan Chest Rewards (free)
Challenge Event Rewards (free)
Tournament Rewards (free)
Elemental Chest Rewards (free)
Mystic Vision (free)
Seasonal Event Rewards (free)

These all have less WE cost, no WE cost, or other resource benefits that make them more worthwhile sources of silver tokens. A costume quest worth about 360 gems is preferable over 1/1500 progress on 50 gems.

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True, although fairly frequent, but not always, the MV and chests themselves can sometimes “not” yield a Silver Token (elemental chests seems to like to give these out more than EHT or ETT, but I digress). However, in order to get to open these said chests, time, RE, WE, TE, would have to to be spent to fill the chests, or complete the challenges / tournaments / events. Sure, the players are rewarded along the way with loot drops, but the Scavenger quest is the only one that guarantees a Silver Token. so 3 WE for food, 4 WE for Iron, and 8 WE for the Silver Token. A lot of times I use these quests to spend my WE so they are not sitting full and are constantly recharging.

In the end, unless there is another mission to summon beyond 1500, once I attain that, Silver Token may not mean as much to me any longer, but at least it is still a free feeder hero/troop for minimal effort. The aforementioned quests are going to become less and less important to players as they grow (newer players might find those health/mana vials and arrows useful, if they don’t have the ingredients to craft them - food/iron were spent upgrading heroes/buildings/research).

But I can certainly get behind having more frequent costumes quests and/or chance at HoTM in the costumes chamber.


Bumping up for viewing relevance. There are a lot of folks who’d like costumes more if the quests were more frequent; giving them a chance to actually acquire them.


As much as more frequent sounds good it would literally give no one a reason to roll for them if they were easy to attain. Scarcity breeds $$$ like it or not increase the keys to 10 per event is fair anything over that they lose money

I’d go with one every every two weeks slot it on a Tuesday for me Tuesday is a boring day for stuff for me to farm.
At least a chance for keys for everyone n if people going to spend on the deal they gonna too!
But one a month could be the way at this point in time as bringing out costumes to quick and there be nothing left in a few months.
Could drop keys into loot or even have like a door to beat in the 3 stages if yah lucky to get one!

Hmm… to me it makes no sense to me to spend either way, whether it’s scarce or not.

My reasoning again being that there’s no chance at a HOTM in the costume portal.

Ergo why I think they should really consider putting the HOTM chance in that portal. Otherwise I’m just going to keep saving my gems for events, as I can get something there that I can use.

Maybe longtime players with all classic heroes feel differently… would be curious to find that out


To what extent do you think would two or three more free costumes a month change the spending behaviour of those who want to chase certain costumes?

Assuming we would get 4 free costumes on average instead of 1.2/month: This would be one 4* costume every month and one 5* every six months. Moreover, people usually don’t want any costume but a few ones really worth it. Someone chasing Lianna will most probably not stop just because s/he gets Quintus or Horghall.

To get one specific featured costume, you have roughly 1:133 odds.

  • A whale who wants it no matter what will have to do two or three summons less on average, which is almost negligible compared to the total amount of summons.
  • P2W who might do two or three 10x summons if they are interested in certain costumes, as well won’t spend much less. A few will get what they want from the free summons, most will still do their summons and those who rather try for Atlantis/HoTM/Event heroes won’t spend gems on summons no matter how many (or few) can be obtained for free.
  • C2P have certain spending limits per month and won’t throw out more or less. They might spend more if SGG decided to throw out some really good costume deals.
  • F2P might convert into spenders or not. My assumption is that they are more likely to start spending money if they are content. Extreme scarcity of one of the main features certainly has no positive effect on their happiness. Moreover, happy and content players (F2P and payers likewise) are much more likely to acquire new players (who are potential spenders)

To sum it up, a few more costumes wouldn’t hurt the spending behavior of paying players much (if at all). However, it would definitely raise all players’ satisfaction with all the positive effects for the future. As someone who often uses business arguments, you cannot underestimate the importance of customer satisfaction.


The goal of FTP options and micro transactions is to turn everyone into a spender be it whale cheap to pay ultra cheap to play only bought once…no one in their right mind, who isnt a whale collector is gonna waste gems on a 10 summon. if they get 10 keys and are able to buy 10 more without that cheap offer that’s 4 rolls a month. No one I know is gonna chase a costume they will get whatever keys they have, maybe buy that special which is no different than the monthly gem special. If they wanna make money off the 10 spin then they are not gonna increase to the numbers you are asking cause that’s just one more person who has no plans of spending ever gone. Whales and even c2p could care less whether they get them or not and still dealing with their their roster currently. I hear the conversations from the top players in the game to the middle to the lowest and the only people in an uproar are the FTP most other areas are totally indifferent


As I recall, costumes (originally skins) were a way to make TC20 heroes more relevant in the game. TC20 heroes are the bread and butter of f2p, not the spenders. If all the other incentives in the game have not encouraged them to spend then 2 or 3 draws a month as opposed to one is not likely to make any difference. Spenders will spend regardless, and f2p will by definition not.

But it will lead to a lot more goodwill than the current scenario.


As a c2p player at this point in time I wouldn’t by the deal of gems n keys.
Costumes are new still in progress maybe in time I’ll feel different.
I’d just use the keys from the deal if I bought it I’d save the gems.
Think costumes is a good idea hawkmoon from plain to now a decent hero with said costume. Let it play out


I would be happy if this was implemented as well. Thank you for that contribution :slight_smile:

The idea is more about making the feature more accessible to the whole player base instead of limiting some players to 1 summon per month (assuming they beat all levels of the quest). Whether that is achieved via increased costume quest frequency, an increase in keys provided per quest, or adding keys to loot from titan/raid/monster/rare/war chests, it doesn’t really make much difference in my eyes.

Instead of framing this as a debate as to whom gains the most or who really cares, let’s focus on the thing we seem to agree on: 6 keys a month gained from game play is really underwhelming for everyone concerned. Epic hero tokens are much more frequent (and have a chance at HOTM).

What drop rates would folks suggest if keys were added to chests (compared to EHT or Atlantis Coins)?
Which chests?
Should they be in chests?
Should the amount of keys simply be increased to 10 in the quest and all else left the same?


I think the free chances fro a costume should be at least equal to a HOTM. I currently accumulate about 2-3 EHT per month and I would like to see a similar rate for the costume keys (at least 10-15 per month). So double the frequency of the event (which may be problematic with the congested schedule we now have in the game), or double the reward of the current event, or randomly drop keys in chests.

@DoctorStrange Sorry, your answer is barely readable. I’m aware that many here don’t speak English as native language (it’s also not my mother tongue), but please at least try to write in a way that other people can get what you mean. Thank you.

If I understand you right, you argue that no one in their right mind would do a 10x summon anymore, if we got 4 instead of 1.2 keys per month.

I couldn’t disagree more. Hardly anyone who would spend money on costume summons would stop spending just because there were 4 free costumes every month. People who spend on summons want the things now, not in 3 or 6 or 12 months. Someone trying for a good 5* costume won’t wait many months or years until it finally shows up from free summons.

As already said: Even with 4 free summons it takes very long to get most of the 4* costumes and years to get a few of the good 5* costumes. It’s highly probable that there will be costumes for all TC20 heroes, maybe even more than one costume per hero. People who want the better costumes as soon as possible will spend no matter if we get one, two, three or four free costumes a month. They would even buy 10x rolls if costumes could be trained (or rather crafted :wink:) in the training camps as long as the training time is long enough.
People who aren’t much interested in costumes and see more potential in Atlantis or Event Portal won’t spend anyway.

Even I as a C2P (maybe 3k gems or so per month, roughly one x10 summon) consider doing a few x10 summons to get Rigard, Melendor and once they are added Kiril, Scarlett, Wu Kong and several others rather sooner than later. The number of free costume summons per month wouldn’t change my gem spending behaviour at all (unless we would get an unrealistic high number of free costumes, which would of course not be the case anyway). The only factor that determines if and how much I am going to spend are the alternatives that are available (Atlantis portal, event portal, S3 portal next year).


My suggestions would be:

  • 1 or 2 keys in every coloured chest (which would be roughly one extra summon per month for most people)
  • 1 key for finishing top 1 % in the weekly raid tournament, 50 % chance to get a key for finishing top 5 %, 25 % chance for top 10 %, 10 % chance for top 25 %
  • 1 key for finishing the monthly event on “Rare”, 2 for “Epic”, 3 for “Legendary”
  • new missions that have a few keys as award (like “Defeat the S1 endboss with only costumed 3* heroes”, “Win 25 map levels with a rainbow team of costumed heroes”). Not only would they give a few extra summons, they would also add fun to the routine of farming/raiding

In addition to that, I would add an advanced TC in which costumes could be produced (at a high food and/or iron cost and with relatively long waiting times). However, the idea of an advanced TC has unfortunately already been discarded by SGG.


Your plan is way to many free keys. No one I talked to accept like 2 people would do a 10 spin for costumes over a ten spin for a chance at a hero of the month. You somehow keep forgetting these two things are the same price and you are adding way to many keys with your suggestions. Your plan would have people of all ranges hoarding keys with no reason to waste gems. with that many as they would save their summons for a chance at heroes. At the price of the summons it’s not worth it to chase currently maybe one as a “see what I get” but they are to easy to level up to go chasing a bunch of duplicates. I’m sorry but you are not correct in this.

If you say that it’s not worth chasing them at the current price of summoning (and obviously the current appearance rates), then it’s not a problem of how many or few costumes can be obtained for free but rather that the alternatives (HotM, event heroes, etc) are more attractive.

If, from your point of view, SGG cannot monetize costumes anyway as P2W won’t chase them due to more attractive alternatives, why should the number of free costumes be that limited then? This just doesn’t make sense. Also the “too easy to level up” part seems strange to me. If they were much harder to level (full XP instead of 40 %, more rare ascension mats) in what way would that make costumes more worth chasing?

Can you tell me why people who want most 4* heroes (be it for the costume itself or only for the stat and mana boost) and several of the 5* should hoard keys if 20 keys per month (4 summons/month) were available instead of just 6? If they hoard and wait for a certain 5* to be featured, they would have to save up keys for a very long time. It takes well over 100 summons for a 50 % or better chance to get a certain costume if it is featured.

Oh, and why are people not just saving up Atlantis coins and still using the portal if we get so many for free?
The only tokens most people are saving–and this for a good reason–are Epic Hero Tokens. It simply makes no sense to spend those in the regular portal for slimmer chances than in any other portal + only vanilla heroes available.


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